Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Heel Turn Into Fantasy

I've been world building for a while and obviously concentrated on SF. All that is about to abruptly change as I'm getting the opportunity to actually run a game. Two of my old gaming group want me to introduce my Goddaughter (man I'm old) to fantasy RPGs. Since the parents had very fond memories of the AD&D 2nd Ed. game I ran many, many years ago I opted for one of the d20 engines and decided on Microlite20.

Microlite20 where have o been all my life? It's simple to learn and run and it distills the essence of D&D into 8 frigging pages! You can prep a new monster in minutes and it's easy to convert the tons of D&D stuff I bought back in the day to it. So on to world building.

The campaign starts on a floating island. If I'm going to do fantasy I'll go all out.

The Island was part of a larger and disk shaped world called Aarde. This was the world my crew ran in those many years ago. Something very bad happened to Aarde/the Island. The learned on the Island believe Aarde experienced an apocalypse and was torn apart or at least suffered grievous damage.

Unknown to all at the start the isolation of their island from the main world is slowly depleting its life force. Undead are increasing in number and animals and humanoids are mutating in odd ways. People living near the edges of the Island sometimes suffer from a form of insanity (sometimes permanent) called Edge Fever. Also outside the Island in the impenetrable fog pirates and monsters sometimes live and conduct raids.

Much of this misery is part of the plan of a lich who intends to reduce every person n the Island to Undead and then move the Island back to Aarde to /conquer the world./ Longterm goals include defeating the lich and its minions and finding a way to get the Island back to whatever remains of Aarde.

Anyway, that's the campaign in broad strokes. Next races and classes.

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