Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lucky Shots and Questing Dice for Comic Effect

The Risus Companion has several different effects you can purchase using Lucky Shot or Questing Dice. I won't go into those here except to say you should run to buy it at the Cumberland Games and Diversions website. In any case here are some comic book effects a Lucky Shot or Questing Die can buy.

Full Page Splash
The character gets a really god shot in. How good? Their cliche is not reduced till the end of the round. They could engage several people and lose several combats but their cliche will be unaffected till the end of the round.

After Image Attack
The character can take up to three actions in a combat round besides making their attacks. Each action after the first adds 5 to the target number of the task rolled for. Some tasks may not require a roll.

Utility Belt of Holding
The character just happens to have just the item needed in their utility belt. For one turn any cliche may be considered appropriate.

Crowded Panel
Everybody losses one die from their appropriate cliche including the character.

Speech Balloon Cover
Everyone must succeed at rolling a 12 in their appropriate cliche to make any attacks. Those who don't succeed still engage in combat but can't reduce their opponent's cliche even if they win that round. The player must talk continuously until their next round or lose a die from their relevant cliche.

Penalties for Losing
Players can sacrifice a Luck die to lessen the effects of their losing. The villain can make his escape or opt for a mysterious death etc. heroes can get one more try to escape the death trap.