Friday, April 4, 2014

The Only Sci Fi Cliches you'll Ever Need Pt. 2

Guy Hoyle (rightly) pointed out that ships could simply be treated as characters in combat with other characters. Yes of course huzzah. I do add a layer of detail to Risus in my posts for sure. But my goals are simple in doing this: 1) Make sure what I'm doing will add to roleplaying and character options and 2) keep the add ons simple. Hopefully I did that with my post on starships and thank you all for your feedback. When in doubt keep it as simple as possible.
Hats off to Propagandor the OP. If anyone can put me in contact with him I'd appreciate it. I can't seem to join rpgnet. Must be my outstanding warrants for role playing with loaded dice.

Continuing our Sci Fi cliches and working on the lower left corner of the galaxy.
Mega-Corpo-Rat (making a deal, analyzing the value of an acquisition, hostile takeovers, strip mining your human resources, back room dealing)

Old Western Worlder (shooting it out, riding a robo-horse, tracking a quarry planetside, surveying/prospecting, heading 'em off at the pass)

Techno Feudalist (jetpack jousting, laser swordplay, shiny power armor brawling, managing cyber peasants)

(Space) Bugs (tunneling, biting, brawling, reproduction, ambushing, building with little more than bodily secretions, reproduction, projectile venom vomiting, reproduction (they really reproduce fast!))

Mecha Jock (piloting a mecha, mecha fighting, kaiju lore, acrobatics, shooting it out, great hair)

Dino Hunter (hunting with really big rifles, dino lore, jungle survival, camouflage, tracking, driving an atv)

Space Vegan Gambler (gambling, figuring odds, finding a game, dodging your bookie, cheating)

Space Pirate (boarding actions, singing and speaking in a silly accent, laser swordplay, fencing loot, staging an ambush, finding valuables)

Space Survivalist (Not Arrakis) (generic desert survival, riding, swordplay, desert lore, finding water, saving water)

Space Hippy (musical performance, poetry, nature appreciation, better living through chemistry, going with the flow, abiding)

Places and Things
Space Vegas (separating you from your hard earned money/credits/phlebotinium, cheap luxuries and accommodations, fantastic shows, anything is for sale)

Space Pirate Sector (getting you lost, messing up your communications, messing up your sensors)

Anomaly #12 (chucking your ship across the galaxy, causing bizarre transmogrifications, psionic phenomena, creating unidentified space objects)

Dinosaur Planet (giant carnosaurs, disorienting jungles, sneaky little toothy dinosaurs, big bugs, vegetation that messes with sensors)

Not Arakis (killing you with thirst, killing you with sun, killing you with sandstorms, killer sand serpents, killer natives, valuable commodities to risk your life for)

Part 3 Friday