Friday, April 4, 2014

The Only Sci Fi Cliches You'll Ever Need Pt. 3

Presenting Part 3 of The Only Sci Fi Cliches You'll Ever Need. We're doing the bottom of space today. I  urge you to follow the thread on rpgnet at

Alien Space God Cultist (kidnapping, brainwashing, techno rituals, archaeology, psionic lore, weird mythologies, denial)

Space Viking (see Space Pirate in Pt. 2. Replace fencing loot with poetry)

Man-Ape (hunting, climbing, brachiating, hollering, shooting it out, brawling)

Psionic Space Commie (mind reading, mental suggestion, quoting from their manifesto, subterfuge, recruiting people to their cause)

Hostile Intelligent Machine (hacking, turning your computers against you, being logical, manufacturing more HIMs)

Radioactive Wasteland Warrior (survival in a radioactive desert, shooting it out, dog training, hiding, scavenging food and technology)

Places and Things
Living Planet (looking like a non-living planet, scratching itches like people and spaceships with earthquakes, natural disasters, tractoring in ships for a snack, spelling things out with forests and rivers, using clouds to make emoticons, rock formations that resemble treasure laden cities)

Space God's Lawn (anomalous sensor readings, junk that looks like artifacts, artifacts that look like junk, explosive, corrosive, flammable or mind altering junk)

Planet of Hats (various hat tricks chose one or make up your own: being a gangster, being goth, being a pirate, being a Quaker, being a dilche to space travelers, being a thief, being a sports nut, eating hot peppers etc)

Radioactive Wasteland Planet (see Not Arakis in Pt. 2 and add in a cliche for radiation)