Monday, May 12, 2014

Every D.A.N.G. Sci Fi Cliche You'll Ever Need:

In reviewing the Only Sci Fi Starchart You'll Ever Need and my posts on the subject I realize I omitted the Diverse Alliance of Nice Guys (DANG. for short.) Yes, I left the DANG character cliches out, the DANG ship cliches out, the DANG Planet cliches out. I left all the DANG information out.

(For my friends who don't speak English as their first language let me point out 'dang' is an exclamation of dismay or anger, like 'ach', 'oi', 'sacre' or 'rowr' if you are a catgirl.)

Character Cliches
Space Patrol Crewman (Scanning for pirates or unusual phenomena, piloting a patrol ship, space combat, finding loopholes in non-interference directives, arguing that democracy is the best governmental system for the galaxy, and respecting other cultures)

Space Police Officer (Finding clues, shooting it out with outlaws, figuring out how new crimes are committed, and finding out how the monster works without dying)

Licensed Telepath (Reading minds, anticipating immediate events, reading a person's emotions, and shielding yourself and friends from adverse mental attacks)

Bumpy Head Alien (Practicing unusual art forms, meditating in odd places, surviving something that would kill a human because you aren't one, debating sociology, peaceful contact procedures, and bizarre science or medical experiments)

Free Trader (Smelling a profit a parsec away, jury-rigging your hobo transport, haggling with weird aliens, and talking your way out of trouble)

Places and Things
Space Police HQ (Database on criminal activity, scanning the galaxy for possible trouble spots, receiving distress calls, escape proof prison, and finding an old friend from academy days)

Space Patrol Scout (5) (see Every Starship You'll Ever Need 4/12/14)
Primary= O/D, Secondary= Sci, and Tertiary= Econ. Note the Space Patrol Scout is not designed to take on major warships but chase smugglers. It fights fighters normally and its weapons are ineffective (halved) vs. warships. In times of trouble these ships carry up to 5 torpedoes that are treated as Questing Dice (Space Warfare) that raise their attack from 2 dice to 3 dice. The science mission refers to sensors mainly. Lab research would be assigned higher TNs. The ship typically carries 10-20 passengers and crew. It has a brig for up to 5 people rated at (5) due to force field doors. this ship often has hooks in the form of a reputation (lucky, unlucky, always assigned the tough jobs etc.)

Hobo Transport
Primary= Econ., Secondary= O/D, and Tertiary= Sci. This ship has 5 Questing Dice to use in making a profit. They often have Hooks in the form of break downs and odd mechanical features.