Monday, May 18, 2015

Statting the Alien Part 3 Dexterity

C.M.O.: I'm getting really sick of this big glowing head chasing us!

Nok: You called it a smug bastard. It's chasing you.I am merely your pilot.

C.M.O.: It's tractoring those asteroids directly in our trajectory! Veer off!!

Nok: No. It won't let us go until we give it a show. So a show we will give it!

C.M.O.: I don't suppose it ever heard of stand up comedy?

Dexterity modifies a character's armor class, their ranged combat bonus and initiative rolls. This does not have to be the case. A large heavily built species (such as Mukh's) with thick skins (and/or life giving slime) might use their Constitution modifier to adjust their armor class. A psionic race could use Wisdom (energy blades optional) to adjust their AC to represent ESP, combat sense, precognition or being able to read an opponent's moves (energy based blade optional).

It's up to the referee whether a pilot's Dexterity will modify the AC of their ship. It might just extend to smaller ships like shuttles. In keeping with the stat theme of recent posts certain ships might vary their armor class by the Pilot's Intelligence (neural feedback controls), or even Constitution (those high gee turns make you hard to hit but you can black out.)

A race of calculating beings or synthetics might be able to predict a target's moves and use their Intelligence or Wisdom for their ranged THB. For that matter humans (and other humanoids) have evolved for throwing ability and might add their Strength bonus to the ranged THB with thrown weapons.

Races might use Intelligence in place of Dexterity to modify technical or repair rolls if they are astute technophiles (or synthetics).

Creatures that evolved from ambusher type predators might have little dexterity when it comes to dodging or chucking rocks but could add their Constitution modifier to initiative on the first round of a fight to represent a quick rush or sprint carrying them towards prey that might be faster in the long haul (the Constitution bonus could also increase their movement once per fight or as many times as the GM wishes.)

Some races might use their Dexterity to modify experience earned if they learn primarily by doing and imitating others. That cat girl might be a copy cat girl.

Finally some melee weapons might use Dexterity to modify hit chances (or parrying if you use such rules). A neuro-lash is a fairly light weapon so strength doesn't necessarily convey a bonus, but a dextrous user can make it hit you just right!