Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hawking Class Courier

Remember way back when I put up some neat pictures of a Scout variant (it's actually more of a courier given the crappy sensors but eh) I kept at it and tomorrow will see the release of the first Blue Max book done entirely by me, myself and I: Ships od the Galaxy: Hawking Courier. I prepared a little FAQ on the design.

Q: What game system?
A: The Cepheus Engine though it should work with any OSR system using 2d6.

Q:What kind of ship are we talking here?
A: She's a surplus fuel hungry little beast (20 tons of power plant fuel gives the same endurance as 3 tons in more modern ships). So instead of paying 30 Mcr. for one you could get pay as low as 15-18 Mcr. Or you could pay the full price for an uprated model that has a lot of extra fuel.

Q: How big a ship is it?
A: 100 dTons. Three decks. Very cozy.

Q: What am I getting into here?
 A: Deck plans, 3d views, some homebrew rules, a lot of story hooks, and snags for players disguised as color commentary.

Q:Does it have gravity control?
A: Yes it does, hence it is laid out like an aircraft or ship.

Q: Does it have greebles and gadgets?
A: Hell yes!

Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: Equal parts Atomic Rockets website and watching Tiny House Hunters on HGTV.