Friday, October 21, 2016

Poll Positions

I've been writing game designs here for a while and I noticed my narratives are increasing in length. I've personally had a low tolerance for people sticking narratives into games. I'm buying a game sell me a game. Don't add the first chapter of your never to be completed novel into it. Perhaps I'm a little harsh in that.

In my defense I'm not charging you anything for my ideas and game stats so look at the narratives as a little something extra you could take or leave if they aren't to your liking.

Feedback on my Hawking Courier book was very positive for the format and narratives. Personally I like to give you a writing piece that will help you enlarge your sandbox of play and give you more ideas, not just show you I can write (anyone can write, it's writing well that is the problem).

So a short poll and be brutal:

Keep the narratives

Lose the narratives and write more crunch

Write more crunch and write a damned book already

Keep everything as it is but make removing puns my first Patreon goal (note, no Patreon account yet)