Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Cepheus Engine That Knocks

Over all I love Cepheus Engine for 2d6 OGL. For my current project I have started writing up animal encounter tables. I still love it but the honeymoon phase is over. the animal encounter rules need a reorganization which I hope Mr. Flynn will consider for a second edition or update.

I'm DM and table impaired (my players knew this but they went with my fudging because it seemed fair for the most part). Even so please list all the dm's with the table in question. Call them out with an attractive side bar or text box and don't dump mods for three different table in a long paragraph.

After I did a cheat sheet for myself the encounter generation went much less painfully. I will say the SRD in Word was incredibly useful for compiling my cheat sheet but it shouldn't realy need a cheat sheet in the first place.

Oh yeah, make revolvers and automatics do 3d6 damage again please.

Over all still a good rules set.

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