Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dhampir Strikes Back

Vampires are the most human of the Undead, which is not saying much. Some old drives do survive though second to the primal need for a good drink. In any case through out history half-vampires or Dhampir have cropped up, borne of undead fathers and human women.

As you may expect most dhampirs were outcasts and exiles from human society and led lives of banditry or worse or merely kept a step ahead of the mob with torches and pitchforks. Contrary to prejudice and legends dhampirs are a human subspecies, very much alive and not evil by nature.

Recently a number of dhampirs have appeared to offer their services to the Allied cause, fearing the Third Reich will be even worse for them. Rumors hint at a special unit of vampire hunters run by the Rumanian army. The Italian Fascist are also developing werewolf operatives under Progetto Romulus e Remus as a counter.

Dhampirs are almost always men. Due to their supernatural birth their red tinged eyes let them see in all but total darkness. In daylight they must wear dark glasses or be disadvantaged in combat (advantaged rolls to hit them or if PC they roll with disadvantage.)

Dhampir can hypnotize a single target at close range out of combat. This target must pass a Charisma test to act normally (or if a PC the Dhampir must pass a Charisma test to affect them). This control lasts as long as the dhampir can concentrate on the victim.

Holy water, symbols, and sunlight  do not affect dhampirs and they can't be turned by clerics. They can be hurt by normal weapons though they have double armor points and heal most damage (except fire or magic) at double the normal rate. Garlic is repugnant to them acting similar to tear gas. They are at disadvantage to attack a subject wearing or holding garlic (or if an NPC the character is at an advantage to defend).

Dhampir frighten most normal animals and can't ride horses. Wolves and other predators will leave them alone unless they are attacked. Like true vampires dhampirs have fangs and even two forms, human and a vampiric mask. They're become paler, and more bestial with an unnerving gaze. characters seeing a dhampir transform must make a Charisma check to take any action that round. NPCs of second level or less are automatically frozen in place.

A usage die represents the Dhampir's humanity and self control. A Dhampir must drink human blood more once a week. Drinking more or less frequently is dangerous. Drinking more often causes a heady and egotistical sensation making them act more vampiric. Drinking less will result in them becoming blood crazed. Their humanity starts at 1d10. Every day past one week that they do not drink blood or every time they drink blood more frequently than once a week they must roll the die. When the die is completely used up dhampir acts as a true vampire NPC controlled by the game master. Recovery in a hospital may be possible at the game master's discretion.

Drinking blood causes the dhampir to roll  1d6 times with advantage. This can be any roll the dhampir wishes. The rolls do not stack from week to week. You make a new roll every time the dhampir drinks. If the dhampir drinks more often than once a week they may roll and take the second roll if it is higher.

When a dhampir's humanity is at 1d4 they roll strength with advantage in combat and roll their Wisdom and Charisma with disadvantage till they get a drink.

Allied scientists have created the drug vorgacillin. This drug controls the dhampir's bloodlust and regular daily injections reduce the need to feed to once a month. Feeding no longer gives the dhampir advantage rolls while they are taking their vorgacillin. It is rumored that the Axis have created a vampiric repellent that when ingested makes dhampirs and vampires unable to feed from the subject.

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