Friday, November 18, 2016

Snake and No Eve

From the earliest days of the British rule in India the British and their allies faced a foe using the darkest of sorcery. It took many lives and years before the lamias and their followers were defeated and pushed back into the shadows.

In recent years Axis agents from the Third Reich and the Empire of  Japan both reached out to the lamias leading theeking to cause revolution and unrest in the Jewel of the British crown. The lamians used their ability to assume the form of a great cobra to assassinate British officials and Indian sympathizers. The shapeshifters proved nearly impossible to capture until the seldom seen Royal Necromancer, the Agent Unseen and several Royal Cat-Girls were sent to deal with the threat. Most of the human followers perished in the bombing of their main fortress deep in the jungle but some escaped bearing their mistresses in woven baskets.

It is unknown whether the lamias are snakes or humans in their natural form. One theory holds they are human with ancestors from the Valusian snake men. Others believe they are the product of super science or magic from the Hidden Masters of Agartha and have ties to the abominable Monks in Green and their leader, the Man with Green Gloves.

After the war many criticized the Axis plan to destabilize India. The cobra was a symbol of the Pharoahs of ancient Egypt. An expedition of lamias to the Middle East could have recruited and animated far more mummies and their cultists for the Axis cause. Then again the Afirka Korp always came last in logistics and he true masters of the Cobra Cult probably wanted to keep their prized priestesses close by.

The lamia is a 2 HD creature appearing as a normal woman. They have an almost hypnotic charisma (Cha test to avoid infatuation and carrying out simple requests.) Ordinary reptiles will never attack a lamia and most mammals and birds will try to flee their presence or attack. Even in human form the lamia has low light vision and can act normally in nearly total darkness. Some lamias carry a small weapon in human form.

A lamia can assume the form of a cobra in a moment but take no other actions. As a snake the lamia has 3 HD and 3 armor points. Their bite does 1 pt. of damage but their venomed fangs cause 2d6 damage the following turn. Attempts to detect a snake are rolled with disadvantage.

A lamia can summon 1d6 cultists to her aid. These are one hit die humans and they usually carry daggers or other stealthy weapons and do double damage on backstabs and sneak attacks.

High Priestess Lamia
The high priestess of the Cobra cult is a 3 HD human woman who can assume the form of a huge cobra. The snake has 4-5 HD and a like number of armor points. In addition to a venomous bite (doing 3d6 damage the next turn) she can constrict prey unlike a real cobra. On a defense roll of '20' the character is pinned by the serpent and must pass a Strength test to escape. They may roll once every turn. Others can also roll to remove the snake. The snake's attacks automatically hit a pinned character and any attacks on the snake do damage to the victim if they fail to hit.

The high priestess can assume a hybrid form, humanoid with scaled skin, claws and fangs. In this form she has hit dice, armor points, and venomous bite of the snake form and has hands to use human weapons. She also has the supernatural ability to slither up walls, along branches  and through a six inch square hole.

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