Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sneak Peek

And now a sneak peek:

The Zaonian System is more properly called the Portokali System after the primary single star (nIcknamed  ‘Kali or Orange in galactic standard). Portokali is approximately 5 billion years old and a stable star.

Primary Portokali Type K0 Star Effective temperature 5300℃ Luminosity ..42 Mass .81. No unusual characteristics. The inner limit for Portokali is .16 AUs. Within this limit radiation and solar wind can cause equipment to malfunction and there are serious zerfs to limit EVA

.16 AU PB Chovoli (Embers) The innermost orbit contains a planetoid belt. There is some evidence that these are the remains of a planet that was destroyed by a collision with another body. It is very poor in metallics though there are some exotic crystals that are rarely found. A very few belters ply their trade here. Generally speaking anyone here is on the run or some sort of exile not welcome at a more populous, richer belt.

In the time before the Flame Out this belt had a number of solar power stations producing minute quantities of antimatter for various industrial uses. Rumors persist of hidden caches of antimatter (that would be incredibly valuable). Most of these rumors are just richful thinking since any antimatter cache would have had to keep functioning for two hundred years or longer. All these stations are long abandoned and looted.

The main asteroid is the subdwarf planet Chovali. The rest of the group is called the Ember belt for its proximity to the primary. Chovali has a small aid station (little more than life support spares, food, some repair gear, and a transmitter). Two other aid stations are placed in Chovali’s trojan points.

Chovali is tidal locked to the primary. There is some water ice to be found on its dark side though generations of belters and frugal traders have found the easily reached deposits and mined them for fuel.

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