Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trash ... From the Future!

Lemren climbed out of the cockpit and threw his spanner aside in disgust.

"That damned one eyed pirate witch hit the oil pump. the whole coolant system is about to lock up. this aero's history!" Lenren spat.

"Piece of crap. 'Make it look like someone local did the hit' they said. Let's gear up and get out of here," Ak-Gilvern ordered. He pulled off his outer uniform to reveal a formfitting suit of armor, it's exterior criss-crossed with synthetic musculature. He extended the shoulder stock on his laser pistol and saw Lemren was following suit.

Sirens sounded above them and lights suddenly appeared illuminating the area around them. Lemren and Ak-Gilvren barely exchanged a look before leaping from the aero and running for the tree line a few hundred meters away. Lemren only paused to throw an incendiary into the aero. The primitive flyer went up in moments with a bang and a whoosh. He saw vehicles approaching up a cowpath near them. "We got problems," he yelled.

The police wagons stopped and the cops piled out and off the running boards. Machine pistol fire cut the air as the two fugitives made for the tree line. Running faster than seemed humanly possible. Then several laser beams flashed burning into shrubs and the tall grass. A few shots caused the brush to burst into flame causing a momentary distraction.

"Form up and move out! You mooks want to live forever!" Officer Twoomey barked. "Steigen!" A police officer with a scoped bolt action rifle of enormous caliber stepped out and dropped to one knee. After a moment the rifle boomed and one of the runners jerked and then fell over. It boomed again as the other one, who was almost a blur made it to cover. A branch exploded.

As the police began to move forward still firing the laser flashed again. An officer fell as a burning hole appeared in his chest. Twoomey fired his submachine gun again where he thought the laser beam came from. He must have gotten close enough to worry the fleeing man. Another laser beam struck him  on the shoulder. The cloth of his great coat caught fire. That seemed to be the only effect. He swore and pulled off the coat. Another beam caught him in the side as a dull metallic suit of armor was revealed. The areas struck by the beams sparkled.

"Stiegen stay behind me. Armor squad forward. The rest of you fins cover and light up them trees! Oww fuck!" he swore as a third beam struck him on the collarbone. Armor flashed and spattered hitting his neck and cheek. It felt like he was hit by a red hot poker. Home brewed armor had its downside it appeared. What could you expect from sandcaster ammo glued to your jacket?


Every planetary government that doesn't have spaceflight faces this. You can never have enough offworld arms and armor. The alternatives are the hang out a sign saying murder hobos welcome or scraping together what you can using your brains and what is commonly available.

Exo-Armor: Battledress has some amazing features. Wearing it doubles your strength, makes you tireless for most purposes and sharpens your senses. Oh bullets bounce off it with little effect too. Getting back to the muscular augmentation, a lot of that power is taken up lugging that armor, life support and oversized batteries around. It wasn't long before someone with a badly damaged suit replaced the armor with some ballistic cloth, swapped the battery for a smaller, lighter power pack and scrapped the life support systems. The resulting armor was equivalent to Cloth but tripled the wearer's strength and with some tweaks allowed him to leap 2 meters vertically or 3 meters horizontally and run at triple speed. The exoarmor is not available commercially, but can be customized. It costs the about the same as a regular suit of battledress if bought new. A suit of battledress can be modified for 50,000 cr. In practice the suit operators often have their strength further augmented with Combat Drug or the Psionic power of Awareness to truly frightening levels.

Glitter Suit- Armorers on Zaonia and some other worlds took Mesh armor and coated it with sandcaster armor. The result was similar to ablative armor but only half as effective (half the minus to hit or half the damage subtracted depending on the system you use). A glitter suit is usually only available on Zaonia or a similar world and  costs double that of ablative.

(Note see Armor Armour posted 1/18/16 for further ideas about battledress.)

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