Monday, November 7, 2016

War of the Wild Women

In the summer of '42 the Axis high command, concerned with America's entry into the war began investigating unconventional means of warfare. The Blitztruppen were already showing some success on the Russian Front and Japanese trained Man Fish were spreading havoc in Florida and the Bahamas. An attempt to steal the British invisibility formula had failed and after a small team of unseen commandoes destroyed a Blitz Truppen laboratory it was decided to investigate soldiers with enhanced senses to detect attacks by invisible agents.

The Primasmittelentwicklung Projekt used gland transplants, infusions of cerebro spinal fluid and brain grafts to force the evolution of apes into a human form and intelligence. Female gorillas had the best results and the Primazon Forz was created. Each agent required the death of several human females and the Americans and British would have little interest in duplicating such research. The Soviets resorted to capturing remnant populations of Almases and using electrolysis and surgery but it wasn't the same.

The Primazons without exception had an unearthly allure. Many could communicate nonverbally with higher mammals, especially carnivores, and several went on missions or accepted guard duties accompanied by big cats captured by the Afrika Korps. Disappointingly most of the subjects proved mute though still affective in their roles. A worse design flaw was their weakness for romance and some quickly were wooed away by Allied operatives. this resulted in the remaining Primazons being placed under an S.S. handler.

In 1944 the British began a similar program but they used surgical and chemical procedures developed by an English ex-patriot living in the South Pacific. The best results were obtained using large females panthers and other big cats. The British Cat-Girls saw use in jungle fighting all over the Pacific. Several were also used to guard the Royal Family and the Prime Minister when it was feared the Nazis had cracked the secret of invisibility.

A Primazon is a 4 HD creature.They are tougher than a normal human and have 4 armor points. A Primaazon has a 1d10 usage die to represent her humanity and conditioning. When her humanity is at full she is considered to have enhanced Charisma and allure and Charisma tests against her are at a disadvantage. Undue stress (prolonged combat, being conflicted over a handsome Allied operative or getting the lash from the Gauleiter) can force a usage die roll. When the die drops to 1d6 the Primazon begins reverting and quickly develops bestial features Characters making Charisma saves against it have advantage. Their strength and endurance increases and they receive four more armor points and roll with advantage on damage. The Primazon loses her ability to communicate or order their beast companions when they reach 1d4 of humanity or less. Primazons have enhanced senses and attempts to surprise them or their animals are rolled with disadvantage (even for invisible operatives).

 His Majesty's Royal Cat-Girl
A HMRCG (yes they were given an order, the King was a fan!) is a 3 HD creature. Their enhanced agility gives them the equivalent of 6 armor points. Cat-Girls can see in all but the dimmest lighting and possess enhanced senses similar to the Primazon. They retain talons though they are smaller giving them +1 to damage rolls. Each week of service a Cat-Girl must roll their usage die (which starts at 1d8) to represent their humanity. When the die drops down to 1d4 their regression is obvious and they must be taken off duty to undergo further surgical treatments.

Cat-Girls can climb all but the smoothest surfaces, They can easily use their claws to dig into wood. While they can communicate with animals they do not order them (or take orders well). Most predators will recognize they are fellow hunters and leave them alone unless the handler makes a Charisma save. While they do not have the unearthly charms of the Primazon most of the subjects had little trouble interesting troops who didn't know their true nature and unlike the Primazons they could speak and easily pass for normal humans except for their unusual fingernails.

The War of the Wild Women soon became a stalemate until the Axis recruited the deadly snake women of the Cobra Cult. More on that soon.