Friday, December 2, 2016

Franken Reich

One of the greatest tragedies of our times was the Third Reich's acquisition of the notebooks of Victor Frankenstein. Popular lore insists Frankenstein created his monster out of dead body parts. the original novel by Mary Shelley never explained how Frankenstein created his abomination and the U.S. and U.K. have agreed such research is immoral and unnatural, not worth the cost to our souls. The Russians are more open to it as it falls more in line with their materialist philosophy.

The procedure is apparently difficult or requires rare elements or circumstances. According to one report the Nazis sacrificed several dozen Blitz Truppen to create or re-energize their fiend. Another account claims they merely found the original creature frozen in Arctic ice. They renamed it the Leichen-Riese or corpse giant because of its stature and appearance.

Frankenstein's creature stands nearly seven feet tall and possesses immense strength. It is an 8 HD monster. The creature's fists do 1d10 damage. Its sallow thick skin give it double armor points or modify its armor class by four.

The creature does not follow the movie depiction beyond the slight physical resemblance. It is a cunning foe and a capable strategist. Despite its size it can move quickly and quietly and is quite at home using weapons. It is fond of grenades that it hurls with great effect.

Explosions, fire, and chemical attacks do only half damage to the monster. Bullets do 1d4 damage (1d6 for heavy machine guns). The creature adds +2 to its initiative rolls and is only surprised in a 1 in 10.  It is immune to extremes of heat and cold though arctic temperatures may put it into a deep sleep.

Electrical attacks seem to energize the monster healing damage instead of reducing hit points and raising its initiative modifier to +3 for a fight.

Operative within the Reich have passed word of a second female creature. Her abilities seem the same as the first creature but whether reanimated or newly created she has no love for the Reich or the first creature and wishes to escape to the Allies. The monster is bound to try to prevent this however the female might be a way of controlling his actions or baiting a trap.

For all his strength and speed the monster has weaknesses. He is instinctively drawn to electrical discharges and these might be used to lure him. Bright light displays such as fireworks or flares seem to fascinate him (chance to surprise becomes 2 in 6.) Finally some forms of music enthrall him and leave him vulnerable to attack (attack with surprise on the first round).

The Leichen-Reise's most unusual trait is his fondness for children (No he doesn't eat them). The creature reportedly goes out of his way to avoid harming children and eliminated at least one colleague for striking a child in he presence.

The O.S.S. has several leads on other notebooks of Victor Frankenstein that will be analyzed to show flaws in his creations. Recruiting and rescuing the she creature is also a high priority

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