Thursday, December 22, 2016

Robot Jamboree

So Raymond McVay and I were looking over his absolutely gorgeous deckplan WIPs. He asked me for feedback on some stats for a cruiser and I remarked that he seemed to have included a lot of droids for a ship of that size. This led to a few insights (for me anyway). Those led to a table for you today.

Where the #$%* Is that Robot?! Roll a d20 or pick  reason.
1) Recharging. Believe it or not robots usually work in shifts (and recharge at least part of the day).
2) Defragging.
3) Undergoing preventive maintenance.
4) Performing preventive maintenance (the shop is short handed)
5) Getting a wash (robots get dirty too.)
6) Stuck on a job running longer than expected.
7) Getting a software upgrade.
8) Someone forgot to turn it back on.
9) Broke down and needs a push to the elevator
10) Swapping new code with another robot.
11) Distracted by something on the interweb.
12) Suffering from conflicting orders and needs a human to resolve a logic problem.
13) Has a virus.
14) Planning to take over the ship.
15) It's engaged in a lively discussion of odd user practices with its peers.
16) Someone locked it in a compartment by mistake.
17) Needs a major repair or overhaul.
18) In a timeout. Bad robot!
19) Someone grabbed it to help on a job and won't let it go.
20) Walking around out on the hull. Don't ask.

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