Thursday, January 5, 2017

Their Eyes Were All the Same -Black Part 3

He couldn't remember when they found him on a New York City street. He only knew there was someone named Hitler who had to be stopped. In the mental ward more memories came to him, of a World ruined by fifty years of war, famine, plague, and something called dirty bombs.

Army Intelligence interrogated him after the hospital told them of his disturbing knack of knowing what would happen, being elsewhere at times, of even being in two or more places at once. All they found out was that there was a process he'd used to get here that had side effects besides the memory loss. He was here now and ready to fight. They named him Killroy. Soon they were investigating reports of other time travelers and worrying the Germans had similar phenomena working for them.

Killroy (Temporal Traveler)
Level       XP          HD             BHB              ST        Usage Die
1          2,500          1+1              +1              14          1d4

2          5,000          2+1              +2              13          1d6

3          7,500          3+1              +3              12          1d8

4         10,000         5+1              +4              11          1d10

5         15,000         6+1              +5              10          1d12

Initiative and Surprise
Killroys receive a +2 to initiative and to surprise. they have flashes of what the people around them are likely to do. It's not perfect but it often works. If the referee is determining Surprise themselves a Killroy has it when dealing with opponents with 1 HD almost always if there is any chance of using stealth.

Killroys roll Intelligence tests with advantage thanks to flashes of insight (in The Front) or roll saving throws regarding Intelligence with +2.

A Killroy may specify that one action they take is successful, if there is any chance they might succeed they figure out the way to do it. They must immediately roll their usage die to check for power loss.

Killroy can be in two places at once. Both Killroys may act normally. They share the same pool of hit points, however. Any damage to one damages both. The Killroys can appear up to 60' apart and at the end of one round one disappears. This also requires a usage die roll. Using this power lets a Killroy teleport by creating a duplicate and 'losing' the original. Keeping a duplicate more than one round automatically decreases the usage die by one size each round after the first.

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