Monday, March 6, 2017

The Next Capsule Will Be Delayed

Yeah about Alien Capsules Book One debuting today? Not so much. It seems I am not yet vetted by RPGNow (I'm only a Fourth Tier Publisher it seems). So I have left my latest project in their gentle hands while they inspect it for any sign it will tick someone off. I wish it would. It seems that's the way to sell your product. I guess people download the pdfs and then burn the tablets the pdf is on these days.

Anyway a little more on the book: art is by Team Frog Studios and Art of War Games. Words and stats are by me. Game write ups are for White Star though they could serve for other OSR games. The background for each alien has some story ideas and their usual M.O.

As I was writing this book though I realized most of these aliens could serve as character classes (no not Skels, what are ya, crazy? Okay, RP a Skel. It's your game.) So here's one alien from the book written as a playable class.

Beast Master

Level        XP          HD          BHB         ST      
1                 0          1+1          +1            15      

2          3,000          2              +2            14      

3          6,000         3+1          +3             13      

4        12,000         4              +4             12      

5         24,000         5+1           +5          11        

6         48,000         6               +6          10 

Beast masters may wear up to medium armor in combat. They employ any primitive weapons (bow and arrow, staff, or daggers are favored.)

Saving Throws
Due to living close to nature beast masters have a highly developed immune system and are +2 to saves vs. diseases, toxins and extreme temperatures.

Quick Reflexes
Beast Masters and their party are +1 to initiative.

Unarmed Combat
Due to their savage nature Beast Masters inflict 1d6 damage in unarmed combat. 

Animal Followers
Beast Masters begin play with one animal follower. They receive another at third level and an additional animal every level after that. Their first animal can have no more than one hit die. Their next two hit dice and so on. 

Animal Networking
At fifth level Beast Master can influence all the animals in their vicinity modifying reactions to make them hostile to others or more friendly. Their own animal followers are unaffected. Beast Masters can convey their intentions to unknown animals and won't be bothered by them unless they are threatening the animal or its group or interfering with feeding.

Mental Link
Beast Masters share a link to their animal followers who will always carry out instructions within reason. Every time one of their followers is killed the Beast Master loses 3 HP permanently. The Beast Master can replace the animal in the course of events but if he choses he can lose it permanently instead of the hit points.

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