Thursday, April 13, 2017

Aliens Capsules Book Two

Aliens Capsules Book Two went live (yesterday, somehow I missed it). Shi... whoops yet again. The book was a lot of fun to right and hopefully it will find its niche. It includes the following beings:

Beanpoles, Phrogues, and Voles

If you've read my Tesla stories these guys will be familiar to you. They can make good friends and allies if you want to put up with them. they say the same thing about humans. their mindsets and environmental tolerances are close to human with some differences I encourage you to find interesting.

Hive minds are a staple of science fiction, despite everyone having a different idea of how they work (ironic). The 'Giks' are avians who subordinate themselves to the 'flock'. Different sized flocks have different behaviors and functions. Shoot up a bunch of laborers and they will regroup as warriors.

Sentient liquid life. Waterproof and Hydroid Proof are two entirely different things.

Advanced alien machine life that can lob tiny nukes at you but that can be stepped on easily.

Sentient octopi (or maybe squids, hard to say), Obsilodons are grasping, greedy, and fully incorporated. Facing mercenaries or pirates is one thing, facing a team of lawyers is another.

I had to put at least one 'squick' inducing alien in her. the Qaptos: eaters of the dead and more.

Poisonous charlatans. And that's just their biochemistry. their attitude is worse.

Prophets of doom, who like making their prophecies come true.

I hope you will find them entertaining and induce me to do more write ups. The next two (in no particular order) will be write ups on unique alien threats, and capsule write ups of extinct alien species and the artifacts they left behind. Everyone wants artifacts and the really good one will insist you take and use them!

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