Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Coming of Gorg

I wrote this with Mighty Eroc (especially his avatar) in mind.


Professor Prost, the archaeologist were searching for preserved specimens of mammoth in an Alaskan glacier when he found the mummy. it was perfectly preserved, a man a good 7 feet tall, from an unknown and gigantic subrace. Prost worked to free him from the ice to transport him to a refrigerated storage vault for careful examination. It was a race against time with the glacier already showing signs of melting.

Prost awoke in the morning to renew his labors and found two intruders in his camp: a Kodiak bear and ... Gorg. Apparently just resting, the giant human fossil attacked the bear. With speed belying his great size Gorg climbed on its back and slipped a chokehold on it, throttling it unconscious.

The paleolithic giant then made his introductions to Professor Prost. "Gorg!" Prost was no fool and took the man home to examine, educate and then publish.

After Professor Prost passed away and Gorg walked a few hundred miles to Juneau. Stopping the giant required a concerted effort of a half dozen police. Gorg maintained he didn't want to hurt the police and was at a disadvantage. Gorg was then placed under the care of the War Department.

Gorg possesses immense strength. He also has great speed and agility. His senses are sharp as well. The big man doesn't talk much. this is because English is his second language and he feels embarrassed about his accent. His short statements and simple constructions of speech lead many to think he is an ignorant and primitive idiot. Nothing could be further from the truth. Professor Prost made a thorough study of Gorg's mental powers and found him highly intelligent.

Gorg was shown film footage of the Nazi's Creature. Even the most hard bitten officers grinned when Gorg stood up, pointed at the screen and hollered, "I ... Kill!"

Gorg, Giant Caveman

Gorg stands seven feet tall and possesses immense strength and speed. He is a 6 HD monster. His great strength let's him do +2 damage with melee weapons and +2 to hit. His fists and feet do 1d6 damage. In The Front Gorg has 12 armor points do to his agility and resiliency. In Operation White Box Gorg's base armor class is 6 [13].

Gorg dislikes guns and usually employs a spear or axe. Most trigger guards are to small for his finger and he is -3 to hit with firearms. He has difficulty with most normal sized equipment ("One size fits all? Hah! I laugh!") After the disaster trying to familiarize him with a Sherman tank (it required a blow torch to get him out and the tank crew had to be transferred) Gorg is not going into anymore tanks.He'd rather ride on top and throw rocks. Big rocks.

He surprises foes on 1-3 on 1d6 and is only surprised on a 1 in 6 chance.

Suppression fire works on Gorg like any other human being. The big guy isn't bulletproof, just tough and with the luck of Satan's Godson. When he's faced with suppression fire or grenades he will usually find a way to sneak around it. hen that fails he often rips up a sturdy object to use as a shield, like a car door or thick door. The big man can make a short rush (half his movement) and receives a ST to avoid the enemy action altogether for one round. He then slams into the attackers for 2d6 damage. He can do this once a fight.

Gorg has his issues. He doesn't really understand modern technolog. Though he could use it, such as turning on an electric light, he can have mishaps like licking an electrical outlet or catching his finger in an oscillating fan.

The prehistoric world made Gorg into an excellent hunter and forager. In the wild he can easily support himself. He's not above liberating a pie from an enemy commissary which he views as a test of skill and which has jeopardized more than one mission. He spots secret doors and similar clues on a 3 in 6.

Gorg has a great dislike of being closed in. The irony of being called a caveman is not lost on him. He hates caves and usually will make due with a tent or lean-to or sleep in a tree. He never uses the barracks.

He also has a short temper with wise guys. Gorg knows how to use pronouns. Any attempt to make fun of his speech, era or appearance will result in the wiseacre being picked up, held nose to nose and asked to reconsider his words. Everyone has so far.

The big guy has a good heart despite his brutish exterior. Kids and animals usually pick  up on this. He is especially fond of dogs (once he learned the difference between them and wolves). The fiercest guard dogs will abandon their duties to approach and fawn over him. Horses show no fear and will let him ride them (though the horse may regret the decision).

Since the discovery of Gorg the Soviet Union launched a huge expedition into Siberia to seek their own proletariat caveman. There are some rumors of success, though they may have just shaved an Alma.

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