Monday, October 23, 2017

Swords and Thompsons

Our new man carried a Thompson and spoke fluent English with an accent I couldn't place. Luxembourg? Swiss? Belgique. Fitzy said he was from the Orkneys. His dog tags read Frank Fitzroy.

Our first Dark Mission we were meeting Maquis who had vital intelligence and vampires ... freaking vampires. I didn't know what else to call them. Only they weren't like Bela Lugosi. They had big bald heads and long talons and they could make you freeze while they opened you up like a fish. I know because one of them nearly did it to me.

But before its talons could fall on me a sword came out of nowhere and took its head clean off. It was Fitzy swinging a blade with one hand and blasting away with his Tommy gun with the other. He dropped the Thompson when he blew through the clip and went to town on them swinging the sword two handed. One of them ripped his tunic open to show a white shirt with a red cross across his shirt.

The fear left me. Suddenly these were just deformed monstrosities, they had no power over me. The rest of the unit must have felt it too. We were soldiers again, not targets.

"Aim for the heads, and don't be afraid! God is with us!" Fitzy called over his shoulder as he jumped into the fray.

The Templars were one of many orders thought extinguished by time and gunpowder. When the Second World War began some few devotees, who kept to the old ways, stepped forward to fight the growing darkness with the light of faith.

Taking the Templar background gives the following benefits:

In The Front and Operation Whitebox Templar is considered what you did before the war. Any job you held to pay the bills was provided by the Order as a cover while you trained for your real calling. Templar background gives you knowledge of theology, occultism and chivalry.

Templars may reroll any failed Saving Throws vs. Supernatural fear. Anyone in their group receives a  +1 bonus to such saving throws.

The Order has trained their knights as dedicated monster hunters. A Templar is never without stakes, holy water, silver bullets and at least one silver dagger. They also have a blessed symbol (usually a medallion or cross.) With it displayed undead and evil creatures must make a save vs. fear or flee for 1-6 rounds if possible.

Each Templar has a special blade crafted with the banes of most known supernatural creatures and blessed. This blade give the Templar a +1 to hit and damage. In addition it will strike non-corporeal creatures for half damage. Only the Templar gets this last benefit.

The Templar's drawbacks are serious. As knights they must exhibit chivalrous behavior (no lip service either). Fallen enemies must be shown mercy. More extreme interrogation techniques will not be tolerated. The innocent must be protected or avenged. Supernatural creatures will attack them first, recognizing them as a superior foe. Finally a Templar will not enter battle without showing the mark of his order: a Red Cross on a white field. Though sneaking around in disguise is allowable to complete a mission once the bullets start flying they will announce their affiliation and open their shirts to display their raiment.

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