Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Before I start working out the rules for my Mystery Men game I'd like to address crunchkins (I don't think I ever heard that term before, if I invented it yay!)

A crunchkin is a player who desperately needs a rule for everything. They are attracted to extensive and well developed rules systems and often nest in GURPS and Hero System forums among others. I hasten to add that they are a small minority of gamers and using a crunchy system doesn't mean you're automatically a crunchkin. Crunchkins are not exactly rules lawyers, those guys try to work the rules for their own gain. A crunchkin just wants to be sure they are doing things the right way. Some very good friends of mine are crunchkins and they're great roleplayers and gms.

Crunchkins probably will not like the way I set up my game. I'm usually the sort of gm who hides behinds screen so the players can't see I'm improvising like mad and most of my notes consist of sketches of My Little Pony characters with cyborg implants and missile launcher wiping out the Care Bear psionics (that'll be the next game design if I get good feedback.)

Anyway the system I intend to use for this game is Mini Six from AntiPalladin Games. This is a game in the Open D6 family and if you don't know about that you should give it a look. D6 started as the Star Wars Roleplaying Game West End Games put out. It's now open game license, free on RPGNow and numerous D6 websites.

I like Mini Six because it gives you a slew of write ups for npcs as well as ways to customize the game. Golden Age heroes ran into all many of oddballs and aberrations in addition to thugs who made you just want to smack them. In the next blog I'll deconstruct Mini Six and show you the mechanics (for want of a more ambiguous term) I'll use.