Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Generic Non Copy Right Character SMASH

I decided to write up the Hulk for Risus (braces for a storm of controversy.) I'm trying him as a player character so the goal is to bend a few rules, but not break them and end up with a combat machine who'd still be fun to play. Also getting some ideas for upcoming posts would be nice.

The Hulk is first and foremost a combat machine for rules purposes. For those unfamiliar with him, the angrier he gets the stronger he gets with no potential limit. He can regularly lift over 100 tons and in full out pissed off prowess has been known to lift buildings and even a mountain (Secret Wars.) He once threw a loaded freight train at Thor. It hurt.

Normal Risus Combat
Non-Lethal: The Hulk is very difficult to pin down. Stick him in a dead end and he’ll make a door (most likely through your most important machinery, art collection, explosives store room etc.) Also a part of losing a non-lethal conflict in Risus is the real possibility of taken serious damage. Lose the fight and you might be covered with a gun to your head. That won't bother Hulk who will merely spit out the bullet.

Lethal Combat
The Hulk will restore his appropriate cliche at the expense of his other cliches. He regenerates very, very fast!

Jade Skinned Giant [4] (Lifting tremendous weights, like so big that the object takes up a page and the Hulk is a teeny figure in one corner, wrecking nearly any material short of adamantium, jumping miles and landing with huge collateral damage, holding off an army.)
Berserker (3) (resisting mental control, persuasion or various mental attacks.)
Questing Dice 0 0 0 0 0 Hulk Smash!
Used to restore the Jade Skinned Giant cliche or add to its rolls in physical combat.

This is the Hulk as written for a player character and they should be darned glad to get it. Obviously he is not as unbeatable as in the comics but that’s okay because this is for a game!! Using the Questing Dice and reducing his Boundless Rage he can take up to 12 hits in a combat before being taken down!

Despite this you can beat him. Engaging in social combat (which involves harassing or annoying him and dodging like mad), trying to outwit him (he uses Anybody Can Play rules for such attempts) or dropping a building or other trap on him where he has no target for his anger are all good choices. Finally, don’t go it alone against the Hulk. Now for the hooks. I gave him two extra for his special use of Berserker and Hulk Smash!

Hook- Uncontrolled Transformations: The Hulk spends a lot of time as Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, one of the world’s greatest experts on gamma radiation (Stan Lee was not one for subtle irony.) As Banner he is Nuclear Physicist (4), Brawler (1), Meditation (3). Extreme anger, pain or the wind blowing will turn Banner into the Hulk. He remains the Hulk for a few minutes to several hours depending on his mood and whether any morons want to mess with him (there usually are as the Hulk sitting on a rock and watching the sunset does not sell comics.) Basically Banner must roll 15 or more on Meditation to stop a transformation.

Hook- Gullible: If you tell him gullible sounds like oranges when you say it slowly he’ll say oranges to try it out. He is not slow to react to a threat. He has basic common sense. He won’t hold a tac nuke for you while you set the timer but he might believe it’s a boom box he could listen to if you tell him nicely.

Always Soldiers Chase Hulk: At the GM’s whim a random assortment of soldiers will show up to harass the Hulk and his colleagues. Armament and numbers are up to the GM. They’ve been known to use power armor and energy weapons against the Hulk. You wanted to hang with the Hulk didn’t you?

That is my take on the Hulk or any big mean monster you want to give your character a hard time. Just turn him orange or purple or some other hue and give him a try.

If my rule tweaks offend play him with the standard rules. The Berserker cliche should be used in combat when the Jade Skinned Giant Cliche drops too low. If you want to make him more of a boss add some Lucky Shots or Questing Dice.