Friday, March 21, 2014

Quick Combat Resolution

You say you love Risus' Unholy Trinity but combat takes a little too long? You say you want to pound people for more than one die of damage an exchange? Read on!

We're all familiar with combat now. You roll, the other guy/gal rolls and one of you loses one or three dice from a cliche (remember what inappropriate cliches do?) Since I've gotten into Risus some folks have wanted a mechanic to drop the other guy faster (they don't seem to consider the possibility of being dropped faster themselves.) I thought of the following today.

Both sides roll their dice as always. They then compare individual die rolls. Every tie goes to the guy who rolled less dice. Compare the dice left greatest number to least for both guys. Each pairing a player lost loses him a rank from his cliche. For every die left over the guy who rolled less dice loses one die unless he won all exchanges.

Catman rolls his cliche Public Domain Super Hero (4) against a generic evil robot. He gets

6, 4, 3, 1

The robot rolls Infernal Device (3) and gets
4, 3, 2,

The fours and threes are ties. Catman will lose two dice. His 6 beats the robot's 2 and since he did win one exchange his extra die causes the robot to lose another die. At the end of the round Catman is Public Domain Super Hero (2) and the robot Infernal device (1). Note if the robot rolled 5, 3, 2 it would have won all three exchanges and lost nothing. Be careful with this option.

This can represent a character going all out and taking foolish risks to end an exchange quickly at the cost of taking some additional damage. It's best used against someone you have a couple of dice over.

If any number crunchers want to figure out just how bad this approach will screw the players go right ahead.