Monday, March 31, 2014

The Only Sci Fi Cliches You'll Ever Need Pt. 1

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Did you read the whole thread? My hat is off to the OP. All right let's go. Starting from the Upper Left Corner of Space:

The only SF Cliches You'll Ever Need (more or less)
Catgirl (driving men and many women to distraction, moving silently, fast reflexes, landing on your feet, having ridiculous luck [nine lives], seeing in near darkness)

High Tech Elf (identifying ancient artifacts better left alone, making your surroundings aesthetically pleasing, being aesthetically pleasing, repairing biotech, seeing in the dark, knowing a bit of ancient lore from many lifetimes ago, knowing people almost anywhere)

Space Bureaucrat (running background checks, dealing with byzantine administration, setting up byzantine administrations, finding a loophole, always having the right form ready, inundating computers with enough data to drive them nuts, keeping your own computers happy and productive, treating your human workers like garbage, crunching numbers into neutronium)

Alien Space Asian (being inscrutable, organizing for maximum effort, teamwork, knowing protocol for every situation, intimidating subordinates, cozying up to superiors, observation)

Space Zombie Hiver (breaking in airlocks, scaring the hell out of nearly everyone, grabbing victims, playing dead, finding victims, turning victims into more Space Zombies, grossing people out, eating anything that was once moving)

Space Libertarian (survival in most situations, negotiation, diplomacy, jury-rigging different technologies, driving a hard bargain)

The following worlds and places are also cliched and of course need cliches. Here are some ideas:
Demon World (Goddawful big monsters, erupting volcanoes, endless jungle, raging rivers, insidious vermin, insidious poisonous vermin, quick sand)

Pleasure World (every vice known to Man and his peers, every vice unknown to Man and his peers, booze, drugs, gambling, spectator debauchery, mass debauchery, individual debauchery, amoral courtesans, Cat Girls!)

Ocean World (Lone tiny island, flying piranha, saltwater corroding everything, sudden storms, sea monsters, gentle sea giants)

Black Hole Station (temporal phenomena, gravity storms, meteors, mysterious visions of different futures and pasts, alien transmissions and probes, psionic interference, and ghostly hauntings)

Space Whale Nebula (beauty to hypnotize the mind, gentle space giants, giant space predators, sensor jamming, ion storms)

Starship Graveyard (great place for an ambush, great place to be ambushed, debris clouding sensor readings, that spare part you needed, booby traps from a forgotten war, hermits/nomads)

Decadent Ancients Civilization (powers of the mind, starship snares, bizarre games played with humans [and others], downtrodden peons, dusty treasure chests, ancient wonders no longer understood)