Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Green Kerbal

Two of my current hobbies are Kerbal Space Program and Superhero MUSHes (a MUSH is basically a chat based rpg.) While I'm working on The Icy Shore out in the shed I want to share my idea for an orginal DC Character: the Green Lantern of Kerbin!

Kerbals are physically and mentally unremarkable beings except for two abilities: they have courage bordering on stupidity in most cases, and when food, water, or air is scarce they can will themselves into a hibernation state. This makes them excellent astronauts.

The Kerbals inhabit Kermin, a small Earth like world circling a yellow sun in Sector 2525. Little is known of their government or society apart from a massive space program they have created to explore their star system. The Kerbals have a level of technology roughly equivalent to modern Earth. Space travel is still quite difficult and risky. In fact their entire astronaut corps consists clones of their best and brightest.

Dostiyin Kerman is a Kerbal of the planet Kerbin. He stands about four feet tall. He has an oversized roughly rectangular head, light green skin and expressive, dark eyes. His Green Lantern Corps uniform is a Kerbal Space Program spacesuit with the characteristic green color scheme.

Dostiyin was an astronaut corp cadet who volunteered to test a new rocket. The launch went perfectly but the upper stages separated from his command module. Dostiyin was going to go into hibernation and wait a few months or years for a rescue. Meanwhile out in space the Green Lantern of Sector 2525 was mortally injured defending a space whale from star vampires (or Space Notzis, the details are unclear.) His ring immediately headed for the nearest planet, Kerbin! Unfortunately darned near any Kerbin would do as a Lantern (the rings do not always take mental faculties into account but an app for that is coming soon.)

Being idiotically brave like most Kerbin Dostiyin rose above the ranks by being in orbit and a few hundred kilometers closer. The ring chose him and he was almost completely befuddled. He graduated basic training on Oa (barely proficient but the boy was persistent and a team player.) He returned to Kerbin and began assisting his friends in the space program by bringing devices and specs from all over his sector. Sadly all the devices seemed to do the same thing: turn into a gaping hole in the ground when smacked too hard. The space program sonn put him to work lifting cargos into orbit.

Dostiyin tired of being an SSTO. After a few months he began helping out around his sector. He was especially fond of creating a Kerbin rocket around him with his ring and flying about in violation of the laws of physics. After learning of Hal Jordan's career as a pilot and the human space programs he requested a cultural exchange mission to Earth.

One of the problems Dostiyin encountered as a Green Lantern is that his ring does not translate what he says directly instead quoting him, for example: "Greetings from the ringbearer. Ringbearer asks how you are this evening?" he doesn't seem aware of this.

Like all his race he has an affinity for 'k's in a word and large explosions. He will often create malfunctioning rockets to assault enemies or hide in a command module from attacks.

Carrying: power ring and space suit.

Hooks: The Sinestro Corp has stolen a clone of Dostiyin and outfitted it with a yellow power ring to besmirch his reputation and kill him.

Dostiyin Kerman
Green Lantern of Kerbin (4)
Somewhat sane astronaut corps cadet (3)
Explosives made simple(2)
Knowledge of the Galaxy (1)
Lucky Shots [ ]  [ ]  [ ]
Shield Mate: Power Ring (3) Dostiyin's power ring has more personality than most. It also frequently aids his combat roll using the Team-Up  rules. This may just be evidence of a split (possibly smarter) personality.

Dostiyin's Oath (translated by the ring.)
In black of space 
In skies of blue
I’ll find the Evil
And blast it too!

Those who strap on 
Evil’s boosters; 
You'll blow up
That much sooner!