Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gearing Up

I would love to get a Traveller game going again. I'm trying to get one going face to face or on hangouts. I'm gearing up for it mentally and I often do that by writing gear for my players (Okay make that weapons.)

I've gone over Book1 combat in Classic Traveller. In my earlier posts I tried to fill a few holes I noticed in the combat tables. I had fun. In doing it I came to learn a bit about ClassicTraveller and where it stands in current game theory.

First I have no idea how the combat system mirrors reality. It is a game system based on reality. Many fiddly bits of ballistics are streamlined. For example most bullets do 3D of damage. I think it gives a good (and fun) game simulation of a fight. In filling in some gaps weapon wise I wanted to make sure they fit in the RAW well. I think I did.

The other thing I did was introduce a bunch of smaller end weapons to give my players options. Now instead of reaching for your carbine or automatic rifle, you might want to consider the machine pistol for some quiet work. It's much easier to hide than that rifle and has a lot more kick than an automatic pistol. One thing a referee has to know is the players will use the options you give them. If you want to emphasize stealth missions, give them some stealthy weapons. If you want o create a gonzo fight give them a gatling laser etc. I think I'm going to work up more stealth angles since throwing a mess of bullets at your problems seems to be covered already.

The militarization of Traveller started with Mercenary. It's neither a good or bad thing. It's a direction the game went in and we don't have to use all or any part of it. You have to wonder how Traveller would look today if instead of Mercenary GDW decided to produce something like Book 4: Espionage. Truthfully a lot of player character antics involve sneaking around.

Is there a chance of Far Future Enterprises putting out a OGL for Classic Traveller?