Sunday, May 3, 2015

Elder God Generation Tables

Elder God Generation Tables
C.M.O.: What is it?
Tivk: It's a big glowing golden head chasing our shuttle.
C.M.O.: ... I mean I want exposition. Do you know anything about it?
Tivk: It is a big. Glowing. Head. Would you care for range and bearing?
Mukh: I'm assuming this is your first contact with a sufficiently advanced jerkwad, Doc?
C.M.O.: ...
Nok: Hang on it's closing. I'm killing our relative velocity. They love it when you run. Any suggestions?
Mukh: Prayer?
Tivk: I do not know whether to commend you or slap you.

Sometimes you just need an elder god in your SF game. Whether it is for a big bad in your campaign or just to keep the characters away from that strange white void with no charted stars that you haven't mapped yet.

Elder gods, much like Nazis, and guys in white armor never get old as villains. So roll away or just pick. It is a god and no one expects a balanced contest.

1) Glowing body parts as needed.
2) A perfect specimen (and a hottie) of a known race.
3) A glowing orb of energy.
4) A hyperdimensional nexus it hurts to look at.
5) Diminutive person with a bowmer hat.
6) Disembodied voice.
7)A bizarre compilation of humanoid, animal, vegetable and mineral (fungal optional).
8) A writhing mass off tentacles.
9) A nondescript humanoid in a business suit or archaic clothing.
10) A different deity to each observer based on the religious beliefs they or their culture holds.

The elder god's dark secret is:
1) On the run from their peers.
2) Screwed something up big time in the past that was hushed up.
3) They have blood on their hands. A lot of blood.
4) Not the god you think they are.
5) On the run from their former believers.
6) They have the soul of an innocent child (good luck making them give it back!)
7) Will wipe out  beings that don't measure up to some double standard.
8) Is just testing you! Isn't that a relief?
9) Is an elaborate AI constructed by someone long ago.
10) Is an elaborate genetic construct built by an AI long ago.

The elder god is really:
1) A con artist with some state of the art tech
2) A con artist with an genuine artifact of the gods not completely understood
3) The real deal in that they are practically immortal, have existed since prehistory and were worshipped by someone somewhere who didn't know better
4)The real deal in that they are practically immortal, have existed since prehistory but don't really give a throggit's tail about you primitive types.
5)A powerful being that is practically immortal but hasn't been around long at all and is the equivalent of a teenager (or a toddler).
6) An all knowing type that likes to watch but is limited in their direct interactions.
7) Totally alien and incomprehensible.
8) Existing in multiple dimensions and really incomprehensible.
9) Says they are incomprehensible but really a jerk.
10) A time traveller from your future.

Humans are ...
1) Toys.
2) Great but you can't eat a whole one.
3) Primitives.
4) Animals.
5) Better left alone.
6) To be watched carefully.

The elder god's weakness is:
1) Nonexistent. Run.
2) A finite supply of energy.
3) A focus for their power is needed.
4) They or their power is limited or bound to a place.
5) Their life force is linked to a place, object or person.
6) Their true love.
7) Over confidence.
8) Dependency on the belief of their followers.
9) Physically a normal humanoid.
10) Roll twice. It's a bad day to be a god (relatively speaking).

Modus Operandi
1) Behind the scenes using followers.
2) Appearing in giant form and demanding worship.
3) Appearing and spending all their credits on ale and whores.
4) Chasing starships, breaking up wars, and otherwise interfering with your natural development.
5) Offering people their fantasy in exchange for their soul or a reasonable facsimile.
6) Making people love them.
7) Natural disasters: planet quakes, thunderstorms, meteor showers, actors going into politics etc.
8) Feeding off the living to make undead slaves of them.
9) Really nasty minions.
10) Bad news. The elder god doesn't mind getting their hands/feelers/claws/suckers dirty (or bloody), it's a throw down.

Power Level
1) They can neutralize the defenses of an entire world
2) They can slug it out with a capital ship.
3) They can slug it out with smaller spaceships.
3) They can raise merry hell with a landing team and shrug off any attacks with ordinary sidearms.
4) They can terrify and dominate primitives.
5) They are stuck in a big test tube and can't act physically.
6) They are stuck on the plane of dreams (woooooo!) and can only act through dreams.

1) Possessing sentients a/o machinery.
2) Incredibly realistic illusions.
3) Mind control (they make new friends easily).
4) Tech blocker. Your blaster will not function here!
5) Shapeshifter.
6) Knows what scares you.
7) Unearthly allure.
8) Warping reality in an instant.
9) Established and extensive theocracy with armed might.
10) Very sneaky and capable cult of total fanatics.

Tivk: That s an encounter I do not desire to repeat.
Mukh: Meh. He gave us three riddles we answered three riddles.
C.M.O.: I knew he was just messing around when he asked "What do you get when you cross an ape and a dolphin?" Smug bastard.
Nok: I bet he didn't really give us three wishes either.
C.M.O.: Smug. Bastard.