Monday, July 6, 2015

Eating Out

Riasi: I hope Dolphin will be all right. All those townspeople beating him …

Tivk: Don’t underestimate the protective value of a Series 9 Marine  EVA suit.

Riasi: Then you think he’s all right?

Tivk: No. But the Tesla has more than adequate medical facilities and nursing personnel. 

Riasi: … we should have done something.

Tivk: When was the last time you saw three aliens fend off an angry mob of humans? Mr. Nok is the only one of us that even knows how to make a fist the right way.

Riasi: Wouldn't need to make a fist if I still had my claws. Point to you beanpole.

Tivk: Indeed. Here comes Mr. Nok. 

Riasi: And the waitress!!

Nok: Here are my friends. Thank you service provider.

Waitress: Anytime. Here’s your lunch Miss.

Riasi: I can hazz cheezburger! 

Waitress: Excuse me?

Tivk: It’s an old joke. You should get it in about 50 years.

Waitress: Cheeseburger and a large coffee. Can I get you anything else, handsome?

Tivk: No I am fine … average.

Waitress: Club soda and a small salad. You’re a cheap date.

Tivk: The anecdotal evidence would support that assumption.

Waitress: What can I get you, hun?

Nok: Hmmm. Macaroni and cheese, please. 

Waitress: Sure. 

Riasi: Oooooooh she likes you … handsome.

Tivk: No. Macaroni and cheese, Mr. Nok?

Nok: The Doc got me hooked on it. The bastard. I hope he’s okay.

Riasi: I know right? Have you tried it with those … peas?

Nok: Not yet but Cookie set me up with a dish that had browned breadcrumbs as a topping.

Riasi: Ooh! Hey here comes your girlfriend, Tivk.

Tivk: I would not deign to entertain a person wearing their name on a tag. 

Waitress: Here, on the house. You look like you could use a meal ... beanpole.

Tivk: … Thank you … Mary Sue. ... She has excellent hearing ... for a human.

Nok: Now you must marry her and bear her children. It is the human way.

Tivk: This looks like … eyeballs in a blob of congealing blood in a pastry shell?!

Riasi: This must be one of those cannibal human restaurants I heard about. We have to get out of here hurhurhurhur. Take ease my protector. It is cherry pie. It’s fruit in thickened juices. 

Tivk: I hate you all.

Riasi: You love us! 

Nok: I think I was better with him hating me.