Friday, October 9, 2015

Ghost Dice

According to the poll I did on Ghost Drive most people would prefer I use the CT engine  with my setting. Well that'd certainly be easier and it definitely fits. there are a couple problems though.

Problem 1: T5 is Mr. Miller's engine of choice from what I hear CT is not available for licensing.

Problem 2: See above.

I like the setting obviously. I also love Classic Traveller. But I'm already diverging from the technology as presented in CT. Aside from the techno magic of ghostly reactionless drives the rest is hardish tech: rocket drives, no artificial gravity etc. So I'd have to make up a fair patch of whole cloth. Mongoose Traveller High Guard does have rules for reaction drives. I never had a feel for MgT though and again their rockets are pretty simple and not quite what I want. I want something simple like CT but with more options for darn near everything.

So I'm working out my own stuff. The Ghost Dice System (you'll see why if you don't already.)

More as it develops.