New Dice For Old

I'm going to bounce a new dice system off you guys. Hope you like it. It has the benefit of being applicable to darn near any game system. To use it:

Pick the skill level necessary for the task. If the character meets it they get a +1, if they have double the skill or more a +2. If they don't have the required level they receive a -1 or -2.

Do the same with a characteristic level if desired (for example if they are shooting and have ADM or ASM for their weapon).

Total all mods.

If the total is 0, roll 2d6.

If the total is positive add that many dice to the roll. Roll and take the two highest dice.

If the modifier is negative add that many dce to the roll and take the lowest two dice

A '6' is a success but it has a downside. You make the shot but exhaust your ammo or jam your gun. You stabilize your injured friend but expose yourself to attack etc. You can take it and bear the consequences or take it as a failure and try again.

An '8' is a plain old success.

A '12' is a exceptional success. You succeed with an extra effect, like shooting the gun out of the bad guy's hand or finding just the right information on a research run etc.

The benefits are that we still have a 2d6 total so the numbers for various levels of success (a/o failure) remain the same as opposed to totaling a bunch of dice or remembering task number for huge amounts of dice are not necessary. No more adding is involved than in the original 2d6 throw. The downside is more dice and you do need to compare numbers on a couple more dice.


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