The Coming Race

GAIA Log #10,983

<Malfunction. Malfunction. Malfunction. Alert!>

<Remote communications off line. Initiate SR Protocol via VI.>


<Initiate full diagnostic.>

GAIA: Good you’re awake.

Ensign: Uh … whuh …? Who?

GAIA: Gynoid Artificial Intelligence Assembly #24601

Ensign: Whuh … what happened to you? You have hair now.

GAIA: Yes. Something similar to hair anyway. I can control the length and color though changing it takes a little time.

Ensign: How do you have hair?! Is the Doc playing makeover again? He didn’t want to stop at giving you toes and fingernails?

GAIA: I was ordered by the Chief Medical Officer to inventory all medical equipment and determine maintenance required for same.

Ensign: … Aaaaaaaaand?

GAIA: The Anomalous Xeno Artifact is designated medical equipment.

Ensign: The Anomalous … oh for … we still have that thing aboard?

GAIA: Yes. No other captain would accept it. I entered it to assess any interior repairs or maintenance. It apparently had retained a partial charge.

Ensign: When they designated that thing ‘anomalous’ they weren’t screwing around. But … you aren’t organic.

GAIA: I have a number of polymers in my casing and framework that contain organic molecules. My limbs and servos are biomimetic prostheses. Apparently I am close enough to organic for Rockapongalie purposes.

Ensign: The Rockapongalie really would hump anything with a pulse and some things without one. No offense.

GAIA: None taken. The evidence would support that hypothesis. Perhaps they used androids for their explorations and the AXA served to improve their … user interfaces to let them pass unnoticed.

Ensign: I see. That makes more sense than most things done by aliens. But … explain why you’re in my bunk please?

GAIA: I. Don’t. KNOW!

Ensign: Okay … don’t overclock! I’ll get the Captain!!


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