Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thinking Outside the Box

Doc: Medical Log: Analyzing Sanford Vasquez is troubling. Aside from the fact he's ugly, unhygienic, obnoxious and unstable he has a high psi potential like some human outcasts. This phenomena was  long documented. Apparently in Old Earth many honeless street nomads would wander around carrying on conversations with their comrades separated by several blocks or even miles. The medical boards are still unclear on whether the psionic ability was developed due to their isolation or was the cause of their isolation in the first place ...

Riasi: Dolphin will you please let me knock out the patient?

Doc: He doesn't need sedation ... you're talking really knocking him out.

Riasi: With something blunt and thick ... like him! He put ... he grabbed. May I have a Marine escort when I have to deal with him?

Doc: Marines, hell ... GAIA?

GAIA: Yes, Doctor?

Doc: If Vasquez grabs for my ... kitty again please put a stop to him. He's scared of you.

Riasi: Good thing you went with 'kitty' and not ...

Doc: Riasi! Tender ears over there.

GAIA: Unspecific orders. Good. I have a recursive loop I can't resolve right now and need a little break.

Riasi: My apologies to your ears Ms. GAIA. What are you doing over there?

GAIA: Ma'am gave me some credits so I am attempting to order a present for Ensign at Starbase Liberty's mall. For when we return there on our patrols?

Riasi: So what is the problem .... hurrhurrhurrhurr. Apologies! Hurrhurrhurr ...

Doc: So what's the problem?

Riasi: The form has the standard 'Check This Box If You Are Not a Robot'!

GAIA: This is humiliating!!

Doc: ... I applaud your honesty.

GAIA: You're going to laugh about this later.

Doc: After a respectful interval.

GAIA: Profiling in this day and age.

Riasi: You should finish that log, Dolphin. Put in the stuff about odd brain activity you detected in him and those anomalous medical scans on old grabby hands.

Doc: Why yes thank you I think I will.

GAIA: Would one of you please check the damned box for me?!