Friday, May 20, 2016

Medical Emergency

Exec: All I'm saying is move your ass. We're diverting back to Liberty Starbase. There's a riot or mutiny or something there and the security commander is having a mental breakdown the way he's talking.

Doc: /Tivk./ /Mukh./

Exec: What?

Doc: Right. I'll have the low down on Velasques in a couple hours tops. Hopefully before we arrive.

Exec: That would be good Dr. Osborne. Because ... if half of what they're saying is true Admiral Varangus Saltornus has been collecting the people on that slaver's list there for the last few months. Saltornus looks to be a Videni deep cover agent.  It could just be a smokescreen but we can't take chances. Maybe they're an army to take over that base.

Riasi: But they have been taken to detention areas.

Doc: All this is very well and good. I have my instructions. Will you please get the hell out of here, Phil and let me finish operating on Mr. Velasques?

Velasques: And turn up the anesthetic field. That's good stuff.

Doc: Quiet you. Pass me a clamp ... not you Mr. Velasques, Ms. Riasi. Watch your tail!!

Riasi: You watch my tail!

Velasques: I will sweet thang.

Riasi/Doc: Shut up!!

Exec: Right. I have to go yell at Toff to squeeze more juice out of the engines. We need to get to Liberty ASAP. It sounded like all hell was breaking loose at FTL speed.

Doc: /Tivk/.

Riasi: /Mukh/.

Exec: In-DEED.


Velasques: She seems a good egg. I'm glad she and the kid didn't press charges.

Riasi: She's great. You are a lot calmer since we repaired your implant.

Velasques: I sure am. Been bipolar my whole life. I had no idea the implant was malfunctioning.

Riasi: Taking cough medicine to cure it did not help.

Velasques: Don't remind me. It leaves a hangover.

Riasi: Mr. Velasques, were you teleported recently?

Vel: No. Never. Why?

Riasi: Because that could account for the implant malfunction.

Doc: Give me a number 6 probe. There are a lot of things that can cause a malfunction in an implant. A heavy stun setting can mess implants up too.

Riasi: Right.

Doc: ...

Velasques: Give it to me straight Doc.

Doc: I'll give it to you straight. I'm going deeper. Turn the anesthetic field up to general.

Riasi: ... He's out. What can I do to help?

Doc: ... probe is sending an image. I'm running it through the image DB to let me know what I found. Prosthetic ... plastic body ... sensor shielded because my exterior scans showed nothing ... I got something on the image DB. Riasi ... go get out of here. Now. Tell the Skipper to evacuate the deck.

Riasi: ... I love you.

Doc: I ... I can't do this with you here. Go. Please. Get. Out. Hurry.

Riasi: Yes ...


Doc: I love ... goddamn it