Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Toff and GAIA

GAIA Personal Log:

GAIA: I am running simulations of all the ways this could go wrong. they're eating into my processing capacity.

Toff: You're scared. Relax. this is no biggie.

GAIA: We are supervising a force field generator to protect the Dr. Osborne while he removes an explosive device from Mr. Velasques. Much can indeed go wrong.

Toff: Pfft. Either the Doc removes the device without setting it off or it goes off, correct?

GAIA: Yes.

Toff: If he doesn't set it off no problem. If he does ...

GAIA: That is my concern yes. I have grown to enjoy breathing ... or at least being air cooled.

Toff: If the bomb goes off either the force field holds or it doesn't. Right?

GAIA: ... yes.

Toff: It holds then no problem. If it doesn't ... well we probably won't be around after that so again no problem.

GAIA: I have things to do. I am nearly certified as a bonafide life form. I'm just starting ... human stuff with the Ensign.

Toff: Steady. I'll try not to blow up the generator so you will remain intact to perform human stuff with the Ensign. Just do one thing for me?

GAIA: Yes Technical Officer?

Toff: Run and get a couple more armor fibre blankets to throw over the generator. I want to run a check on the field emitters up in sick bay.

GAIA: Yes sir.

Toff: If I ever get my hands on Mr. Tivk for leaving me short handed like this ...

<<Psssht! Psssht!>>


GAIA: Toff!! Toff!!

Toff: <Cough> ... here.

GAIA: Damage control and medical help is en route. You look bad ...

Toff: You have a shitty bedside manner.

GAIA: I will work on it after I get the Doc.

Toff: Don't. Go.

GAIA: You're going to die if the Doc doesn't get here soon.

Toff: I guess the force field held on his end. Good. Doc's a good man and a good doctor but he ... would need a time machine to help me.

GAIA: What can I do? Tell me how to help you!

Toff: You  can take my hand ... thank you.

GAIA: ... you're welcome. Are you sure you don't want some privacy for this?

Toff: You have ... kind eyes. Always did ...

GAIA: Toff? Toff?!

<<Limits of affective engagements routines exceeded. System Crash. Rebooting.>>

Exec: GAIA? Are you all right?

GAIA: Ma'am!

Exec: It's all right. The crew is looking after the Technical Officer.

GAIA: He made it?

Exec: ... I'm sorry, honey.

GAIA: I didn't want to be here. I thought he'd want some privacy ...

Exec: ... You did fine.

GAIA: I ... don't have the words for this. I'm not human. I'm not sure what I feel now.

Exec: I found you holding his hand.

GAIA: He wanted me too.

Exec: You did fine.