Appa Alli Arslan ulle-Korsa Personal Transcript obtined from the Zangid via Dreiped Intel)

Ulla-Korsa: Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z …

Klendath: Ulla-Korsa! I bring intell! Ulla-Korsa?

Ulla-Korsa: Snrrrk! What? Wha …? Zandamn it! Have you no consideration for my repose? Stomping up here on your three feet!

Klendath: With all due respect ulla-Korsa … you are on the bridge.

<< Sound of a blaster powering up. >>

Klendath: … it is wise to enter combat well rested! The prudent warrior catches a few naps where he can!

Ulla-Korsa: That’s better. Mind your place, bug. Now what is this information you have brought me?

Klendath: Salle-Korsa’s ship was sighted at Uegrom! There was a gathering of slavers … four ships. He disabled three and the fourth brought this to us.

Ulla-Korsa: … my salle-boy got three out of four.

Klendath: A son to be proud of sir …

Ulla-Korsa: He has brought SHAME on my House! He murdered his commander AND cousin rather than follow orders. I am honor bound to hunt him down. So understand that you camera stand.

Klendath: Indeed ulle-Admiral. I apologize.

Ulla-Korsa: Accepted … and thank you.

Klendath: You welcome ulla-Korsa.

Ulla-Korsa: Do we have a heading?

Klendath: We do … he is heading further into the Polity, possibly to Starbase Liberty.

Ulla-Korsa: Ships in the sector?

Klendath: The Dreadnought Concordance with her constellation of destroyers … a couple of detached frigates too far off to be much concern … the Tesla.

Ulla-Korsa: The dreadnought … nrrrrrr … it might be a problem, if we let her catch us. But dreadnoughts spend too much time at base. Their captains become slow and stupid. The Tesla will be a problem. The Tesla, my little tripodal gadfly,  is commanded by Maddock. That one … he would make a worthy son of Gid. He has the blood of the Warrior race in him.

Klendath: He is not as good as you, ulle-Admiral.

Ulla-Korsa: Thank you. No he is not … but he is good enough that I will not fight him unless I must. Catching my son will be hard enough. I am getting too old for this crap.

Klendath: … may I ask what happens when you meet your son?

Ulla-Korsa: One of us dies. Neither option pleases me. I will admit I took a roundabout approach to finding him.

Klendath: Killing every slaver unless they had some information was a winning strategy. They were finally seeking him themselves to be rid of you. Annnnd you got rid of a lot of slavers in pointing that out to them.

Ulla-Korsa: You are a good bug. You always say things to cheer me up. When I die in, glorious battle of course, … you will get your freedom. There I say it in front of witnesses

Klendath: You honor me ulla-Korsa. I … will have mixed emotions on that day.

Ulla-Korsa: As will I, Klendath. As will I.


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