Saturday, July 2, 2016

Let Me Tell You About My Subsector

Let me tell you 'bout my subsector ...


This has to rank up there with telling people about your character. If we're gaming together sure, tell me. But a lot of times your character is just like any other. A bunch of numbers and notes. A lot of times your subsector is a bunch of stats you rolled and now want to take credit for.

If you're going to tell people about your character or subsector or ship try to be creative first. Also don't start telling them in the middle of a movie. It does not go over well. Having said that I'm going to tell you about my subsector(s). Hopefully I have a good approach. So many of you have taken an interest in my jottings (50k hits which amount to like 12 people according to Google Analytics!!) I have about 30 worlds to start and 200+ posts on various aspects of world building. That amounts to 5-6 or so posts on each world average.

So I'm going to try some application instead of theory for a while.