Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Likes and Dislikes

As I said before, writing aliens is hard. Either they'll be too bizarre to interact with us and therefore enigmas or they'll be to like us. For purposes of space opera some aliens will be able to interact with humans, some even in a friendly manner. But they are still aliens and roleplaying them is still a challenge. One way to remind people they are aliens is to give them preferences and dislikes that are alien. Following are some of the preferences for my aliens.

Personal Transcript of Tivk Liberty Starbase Kiddiedrome

L'Rre: You're not my father and I don't have to listen to you!(1)
(1) L'Rre is testing how far she can abuse adults. Sadly this is universal among Polity children. The other races blame human kids for rubbing off on theirs.

Mukh: She's got us there.

Tivk: We are in effect loco parentis as your parents requested we look after you while they attempt reconciliation. According to Polity law you must listen to us.

L'Rre: Pbbbbbbbbbt! (2)
(2) Pbbbbbbbbbt! is of course the translator's rendition of the Vole noise to express contempt. Yeah.

Helm: I was looking all over for you two boobs. I got the pizza ... what is going on?! I leave you alone for a few minutes and ...

Tivk: She refuses to vacate the ball pit. There, she went under again. You scared her. (3)
(3) Vole live a mostly underground existence on their world that orbits a dim red temperamental star. Hence their low light vision and love of fungi. They might consider what a human calls a cave  quite cozy (provided there are airways).

Helm: Her mother is going to ... (4)
(4) Yes, she probably will.

Personal Transcript of N'Sa Nok:

M'Ffe: ... do that again.

N'Sa: Let me patch this first.

M'Ffe: Sorry. Who knew I was a biter? Where did you learn that?

Nok: Humans. They do it all the time. (5)
(5) Yes. We do. Old Zangid saying, "Once there were two humans ... now look!"

M'Ffe: They taught you that?

Nok: No. Spied on them. (6)
(6) Together with their subterranean and cramped quarters goes an almost total lack of privacy. If you want to keep a secret from a Vole you have your work cut out.                                             

M'Ffe: Those humans may be onto something.

Nok: Their females don't bite as hard from what I saw too.

Tivk: Ow! What is going on?

Helm I am throwing balls at you singularly unhelpful morons for leaving me in this mire of spheroids!

Mukh: I tried.

Helm: I am not climbing out via your tongue! (7)
(7) Phrogs employ their tongues as a third hand when they are having a bad slime day. It's the strongest muscle after all.

Tivk: Is this the dirty joke?

Mukh: Hey slimy hands, sticky tongue. Connect the dots.

Tivk: Just owowow! Climb out you miniscule cobalt menace!

Helm: She keeps pulling me in!

Mukh: Hey, where are you going?

Tivk: I have a strategem!

Mukh: I guess those balls in the face were too much for him.

GCS Tesla Aft Lounge
Exec: Well that was a productive ... meeting,

Chief: We got time to be productive one more time if you want!

Exce: ... I would but I feel like we're being watched sometimes ...

Chief:We can reconvene in the forward lounge!

Exec: Done! (8)
(8) See note 5.

Nok's Quarters
M'Ffe: I mean you told Tivk and Mukh to give L'Rre a little nip if she got unruly, right?

Nok: ... (9)
(9) Yes the Vole bite. In ancient times they used blunt heavy fingernails to dig. Thus their hands were dirty and scratching someone could cary the risk of infection. They have better hygiene these days but the stigma of striking with your hands remains. They nip each other in fights. Hitting with your hand especially an open hand is done to enemies or someone you WISH to be an enemy. So Voles will nip their kids. As for M'Ffe biting Nok ... I guess he was being very naughty.

Tivk: I have procured a way out of this stalemate.

Mukh: Stalemate? She was clearly winning.

Helm: You're telling me.

Tivk: Silence! L'Rre meet Dog.

Dog: Woofwoofoof!

L'Rre: Oh dread.

Tivk: Dog: Search and rescue! Gogogo! Go get that little minx! (10)
(10) Yes Dog can do search and rescue between the psi abilities and his nose it is very hard for him to miss an incapacitated human or most alines.

Dog: Woof Woof!


Helm: Hey!

Tivk: Not HER! The younger minx!

Helm: Screw that, he got me out!

Mukh: Sorry, it's a matter of principle!

<Shove!> (11)
(11) I have no idea why Mukh did this.

Helm: Hey!!

Tivk: I do not care if you smell pee! Concentrate you idiot!

Dog: Woof woof!

L'Rre: No fair! He has a mind shield!

Tivk: Hah. Good dog. You will get a treat when we board Tesla. Good boy indeed. Come here you.

L'Rre: Dark Mother curse the luck!

Mukh: Stop throwing balls at us!

Tivk: Stop squirming. You are clearly defeated! (12)
(12) Being rationalists, Tivk's people don't fight once they are clearly outmatched. They use other means or try to gain favor.

Security Commander: What the hell!?

L'Rre: Help! Kidnappers! Phrog wants to eat me! Owww my arm!

Tivk: ....

Mukh: Now we're in for it! Rrrrrriiiiii! (13)
(13) 'Riiiiii' is an exclamation of dismay. Riririri is sort of like laughter or a 'better you than me' sound. Similar to the Southron "Bless your heart'. 

Helm: Help Officer! They threw me in this ball pit. Help!