Friday, August 19, 2016

Eating Out

Personal Journal Gynoid Artificial Intelligence Assembly #24601
Captain: You have your orders. Correct?

GAIA: Aye aye Captain. I am to accompany the journalist about, render assistance, answer questions regarding procedures onboard and fill any reasonable requests.

Captain: Annnnnd?

GAIA: ... make sure personnel keep their fucking mouths shut! I thought I wasn't supposed to say that out loud.

Captain: You can say it to me, the Exec or the Chief. Stop imitating my voice.

GAIA: Aye sir.

Captain: I wish I had a crew of you at times.

GAIA: Shall I let the factory know?

Captain: Negative. Ah here come the four horsemen.

GAIA: ... excuse me?

Mukh: Hey it's GAIA! I love GAIA! Hey Captain!

GAIA: Hello Professor ... what in the name of Edna happened to Schaeffer?

Tivk: We are escorting the Lieutenant to the medical section. He has a badly lacerated thumb.

Lieutenant: I never got a scratch before I became Tech. I don't understand it. Ow!!

Nok: Got to keep pressure on it till we get to Doc.

Lt: Well let's go.

Captain: What the hell happened now?

Mukh: My lunch got uppity and the young fellow here got between it and me.

Lt.: Who orders a live lobster? Who gives it a steak knife?

Nok: I armed it to even the odds.

Tivk: Who told you to disarm the arthropod?

Lt.: You could have helped more. You dove under the table like you owed money to the Life Support Guild.

Tivk: Arthropods are venomous! The knife could have been rusty or envenomed! Besides, I was seeking a weapon.

Mukh: Human restaurants keep weapons under the tables?

Tivk: I would improvise something.

Nok: Next time hide behind a little girl whose mother doesn't mind.

Lt.: Save yer breath Mr. Nok ... Tivk is convinced squirrels are venomous.

Captain: Oh for ... yeah get to sick bay. If that journalist sees this sort of thing and it gets out the Zangid will probably jump to attack us.

Tivk: Yes sick bay. I may require medical attention for this buffet on the scalp.

Lt.: The mother smacked him with her purse.

Tivk: Dreadfully unpleasant woman.

Mukh: Would you like to pet my lobster Captain?

Captain: Get that thing the hell away from me! Get to sick bay all four of you! GAIA, go and keep them out of trouble.

GAIA: Aye sir, going and keeping them out of trouble.

Lt.: Aye Captain. Going to sick bay. Hey, professor?

Mukh: Yes?

Lt.: Aren't you going to eat that thing?

Mukh: I can't now. He won, didn't he?

Social media is an aspect of our future that was unheard of when games like Traveller and Starships and Spacemen came out. On some planets it may be outlawed, on others it may fulfill the role of media and news service. This can have an impact  on player characters.

What happens when a merchant arrives to find his name has already been smeared by rivals in TraderNet.web forums as a deadbeat and payment skipper? What about citizens recording and posting video of player characters ... being player characters? A totalitarian regime with a high enough tech level may make every citizen a mandated reporter with a camera phone.

I was going to write more about the misuses of social media but given the state of the webs these days, if you're reading a blog you must know what can go wrong and frankly it's a little depressing. I'd much rather write about murderous space pirates and criminals in the far future.

In other news Marco Polo is coming home tomorrow in time for his 6th birthday! I saw him today and he's was fine if a little standoffish (how could I let THESE people have him?)