Friday, October 14, 2016

Man Made Horrors

I haven't done a post for The Front or  the Black Hack for a while. I'm very find of creatures and monsters in a WW2 game and what better place for science to go awry?

I meant to use these ages ago but the WW2 Champions game I ran fell by the wayside and I don't stat up characters for the Hero system for fun so here goes using TBH and The Front!

Blitz Truppen
Blitz truppen began as recruits that tested for an abnormally high resistance to electrical shock. Under the program the recruits were given mutagenic substances and progressively larger electrical shocks until they began to depend on them much as an addict does his daily dose. When powered down blitz truppen are normal if lethargic humans. They can absorb electrical power to raise their strength and endurance to superhuman levels. They remain very susceptible to orders from those controlling their electrical power source and behave in a zombie like fashion.

Blitz truppen are 4 HD monsters and use the rules for Powerful Opponents. In addition they wear insulating suits that are equivalent to leather armor. When this suit is shredded by edged melee weapons or natural weapons like claws the trooper loses 1 HD every other moment. Attacking  blitz truppen with metal melee weapons does 1d4 damage to the attacker on a successful hit.

Player Characters (Electric Troopers)
Some experimental subjects on both the Allied and Axis forces were able to absorb and control larger amounts of electricity and combat the lethargy between treatments, remaining aware and independent. Their powers at various levels are written up using the format I began with here.

This assumes the character is wearing a special containment suit to contain their power. The containments suits are fairly ordinary insulating suits and provide 4 pts. of armor. Bullets ignore this armor. Without a containment suit a character's usage die is reduced one size.

Usage die 1d6
The character has advantage making strength rolls to hit and damage. The power functions as an additional 2 pts. of armor if a containment suit is worn. The usage die is rolled to represent depleting the electrical energy (going through water, being stuck with a metal object etc. If the die is reduced to to zero (note it gets reduced to 1d4 first) the character has disadvantage on strength rolls until he powers up again. A character with a low power level can generate an electrical shock affecting 1d4 close targets. this requires an immediate usage die roll to check for depletion. Attacking the character with a metal weapon causes damage to the attacker equal to their current usage die.

Usage die 1d8
As above except the power gives 4 pts. of amor. The character can generate an electrical shock causing damage equal to his current usage die to 1d4 close targets.

Usage die 1d10
As above except the power provides 6 pts. of armor. In addition the character can fire an electrical bolt to nearby range causing damage to one target equal to their current usage die. This automatically drops the usage die to the next smallest.

It's up the the GM how much electrical power Electric Soldiers need to recharge. Low and Paranormal levels might recover with house current in a few hours. Superhuman levels might require a power station or laboratory for full recovery (but work at Paranormal levels till then).

Special- a genius type working behind the lines could construct a containment suit that magnifies a character's power bringing the usage die up one size.