Swamp Monsters

The Frankenstein monster became a walking nightmare tearing through partisans in France and the Low Countries. Amid fears that Hitler would soon unleash a horde of similar creatures to aid in the invasion of England, that they were already marching under the waves with no need for oxygen a school of British druids was enacting a desperate plan.

Theologists of every stripe knew this was not merely a war for living room or oil or power. It was a fight for men's souls.

The druids were inserted into the Netherlands by small planes at night at hidden airfields and laboriously made their way to a rendezvous. A similar plan involving the rabbis of Prague had already failed when many of them were rounded up and shipped to death camps.

The Swamp was carefully chosen and remote. Even so the S.S. and Gestapo were close behind as the ceremony continued. The Reich's undead and invincible monster appeared as it concluded and the High Druid died immediately but the working was completed. Ancient magic, earth elementalism and a long buried centurion combined. The muck and mud parted and a creature of branch, leaf, and root given human form rose. Partisans and S.S. exchanged gunfire as the two giants, one born from death and lightning and the other from nature red in tooth and claw charged roaring their challenges.

Swamp Monsters (aka Muck Men, Swamp Devils, Green Men) are 6 HD monsters. Their talon like thorn studded fists do 1d8 damage. they are never surprised in a swamp, forest or other natural setting and surprised on a 1 in 6 elsewhere. Swamp Monsters are made up of wet pulpy wood and leaves. Explosions and fires do only half damage. Other weapons do a maximum of 1d6 damage. The monster will quickly regenerate damage in its native swamp or other natural location regaining one hit point per turn.

If not directed by the person calling it forth Swamp Monsters are fairly docile and even shy unless provoked. they seem to be curious and drawn to children and will often befriend a child, acting as a guardian. With the death of the High Druid it is unknown how well the rite will work or if it will work again. The Green Man remains with the partisans and few surviving Druids committing acts of sabotage in occupied Belgium and the Netherlands.


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