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Six Guns and Snake Men!

 First of all apologies for my lackluster publishing schedule on this blog. Second for the time being at least I am turning to pulp action. I recently put out a relaunch of Lightning League for Stellagama Publishing's Quantum Engine rule set. The rule set is quick, easy and covers te major concerns of RP -can I kill it, can I con them, what do I get? Apparently I have a lot more recognition with 2D6 folks than I realized.  What is Lightning League?  Look here!  TL;DR The Lightning League is an organization of philanthropists, heroes, and adventurers fighting despots, mad men, and monsters in a Post War world. It's inspired in no small part by the pulp magazines and pre-comics code comics. I have written several splat books supplements for it on Evil Clowns , Uplifted Apes , Snake Men , and Ghouls  and am enjoying increasing success (translation: I am not asking WTF am I doing this for every minute this week.) My next project will be Thunder Mesa -Western heroes, a lost world, a

Hyper Drives (and even more) Part 4

 After pondering ways to remind people they were on a dang spacecraft, I came up with an overview of gravity control technology. I decided the interface of hyper and regular space could exert a repulsion force allowing lift and thrust relatively near a planet or large body. So no taking air rafts to the moon though they would make orbital towers less effective and put the rocket industry out of business. Besides classic 2d6 technology levels (TL)  I added generic development stages.  Prototype (TL 8)      No gravity control. the Hyper force is harnessed to allow air rafts and grav vehicles. Maximum altitude of 500 meters. Field Testing (Late TL 8)      Gravity is 'generated at a single node at one end of a vessel or station in the direction of thrust. This may result in part of the ship's having reversed gravity and it being difficult to transit between the two sections. The effects of gravity gradually diminish over the length of the ship to about 0.25 to 0.5 gees at the nose.