Six Guns and Snake Men!

 First of all apologies for my lackluster publishing schedule on this blog.

Second for the time being at least I am turning to pulp action. I recently put out a relaunch of Lightning League for Stellagama Publishing's Quantum Engine rule set. The rule set is quick, easy and covers te major concerns of RP -can I kill it, can I con them, what do I get? Apparently I have a lot more recognition with 2D6 folks than I realized. 

What is Lightning League? Look here! TL;DR The Lightning League is an organization of philanthropists, heroes, and adventurers fighting despots, mad men, and monsters in a Post War world. It's inspired in no small part by the pulp magazines and pre-comics code comics. I have written several splat books supplements for it on Evil Clowns, Uplifted Apes, Snake Men, and Ghouls and am enjoying increasing success (translation: I am not asking WTF am I doing this for every minute this week.)

My next project will be Thunder Mesa -Western heroes, a lost world, a hidden city, a gorilla and possibly Frankenstein! It's genesis started with this:

 Never heard of it? Shame. I combined my love of pre-code comics, free artwork and westerns and wrote up a number of port superheroes for OSR stats. I intend on bringing these characters back for use in Quantum Engine Games. They'll be there, how I will not divulge. I will include entirely too much b@lls to the w@lls action, gonzo premises, and flights of fancy to male John Wayne spin in his grave.

Yes there will be a gorilla AND Frankenstein. You read right. Keep your eye out for THUNDER MESA.


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