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Jumping Blind

A Shot in the Dark A subsector contains about 40 worlds or star systems. That means it also has about 40 empty hexes. Or are they? For many 2d6 referees the empty hexes are forbidden. You may only jump from star to star for… very good reasons. So never mind. Astronomy as it is currently practiced indicates that there are a lot of things between the stars. There may be as many rogue planets as stars or even several times the number. Many of them are gas giants and thus could enable wilderness refueling. This would make a hash of those mains, routes of adjacent worlds. There is an economic reason for them discouraging empty hex jumping.  If empty hex jumping was common, pirates, spies and invaders could infiltrate, bypass your lovely defense in (not enough) depth and nuke your core worlds before you knew anything. So there are military reasons for discouraging empty hex jumping.  This discouragement can take the form of simply not including rogue worlds in ephemera. Navigators a