Friday, October 17, 2014

Discount Squadron Tournament

After some discussion with David McGuire I am going to embark on a space squadron tournament. We decided to build billion credit squadrons for a test run. We also intend on testing the battle riders vs. battleships.

The squadron parameters are:
Budget 1 billion credits.
Pilots 50 (upper limit on number of vessels).
Tl 12
Squadron capable of J-2, M-5.
Squadron capable of gas giant refueling.

We further decided:
David's squadron was to consist of battleriders and their tender(s).
My ships were to be starship and I was only allowed to use small craft (fighter, shuttles etc) no battleriders for me.

We intend on researching the 'riders vs. starship question. If this is successful and fun we will extend it to a Trillion Credit Squadron Tournament.

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