Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Creature Feature

Chris Dunlap was asking what other creatures are there in my Ghost Drive set up. I've been pondering that myself. While the setting resonates well with the humans only empire vibe (NBEs are more like the latest app than citizens or even sentients in most settings) I started coming up with various human offshoots and variants. I also have a couple of aliens. The caveat being that I want them to be really alien. The sort who could colonize the same area as humans and yet almost never interact with them because they need different types of worlds or even stars.

Here's a preview of my next series of Ghost Drive posts.

  Dynastic- an STL culture
  Avatars- the uplifted and the slumming
  The Worthy- genetic fashionistas
  Charans (extreme gene-mods)
Cyborgs Pure Blood or Mods
Thetans (extreme nano-mods)
Psionic Humans
   Trained Purists
   Gene Mod Psi
   Implant Psi
   Drug Enhanced Psi
Hive Minds
NBEs in Robot Shells
Possessed Humans

Worms (Wormholes have worms)
Coronans (plasma beings)
Omegan Civilizations (extinct)
Old Machines