Monday, June 26, 2017

Group Solitaire

Transcript #12001089 GCS Tesla Forward Rec Room


Lt.: I'm stumped. Hint?

GAIA: Red seven on black eight.

Lt: Oh. thanks

GAIA: No legal moves remain. You lose.

Lt.: Damn! Redeal!

GAIA: Heeheehee. Certainly.


Captain: Hey Tech Officer, when are you getting these doors fix ...

Lt.: Sir!

Captain: What in the hell are you doing?

Lt.: Playing solitaire sir.

Captain: GAIA, what are you doing?

GAIA: I'm helping him play sir, dealing the cards, providing help.

Lt.: You haven't been that helpful, hon.

Captain: Why are you using the ship's AI ancillary to PLAY solitaire?

Lt.: ... I am off duty. She's offline.

Captain: Why are you using the most advanced AI in the Fleet to play goddam solitaire?!

Lt.: The dumber AIs won't let me cheat. She will ... sometimes.

Captain: I see. Carry on technical Officer, GAIA.

GAIA: He makes cute faces when he's losing.

Lt.: Card please ... Dammit!

GAIA: See he's doing it again!

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