Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Dark Classic Conspiracy of Traveller

I liked the setting of GDW's Dark Conspiracy.

I did not like the rules. Too complicated. Monsters died too easily when dealing with heavily armed players. I like 'em to take a round or two, shit bears are real and they're a bitch to kill from what I hear. If your troll or ogre is offed with a cap from a 9mm there's more thrills in hunting bear (a monster wearing a bulletproof vest is just sad.)

I like Classic Traveller and it already handles near future ( and far future) tech levels. My next step should be obvious.

Lie down till the urge to port stuff passes. But it didn't work so here we are.

Dark Conspiracy using Classic Traveller

I kept two things in mind when converting things from Dark Conspiracy to Classic Traveller: in the first place DC came out in the 90’s and CT in the 70’s. Dark Conspiracy dealt with some TL 8 stuff in Traveller terms but we had a much different view of TL 8 twenty years after CT!

Lasers are much less efficient than we’d hoped. firearms are an order more deadly then we expected.

Nevertheless most of the time the generic rifles, smgs and revolvers from CT will do most of the heavy lifting. A few original weapons need addressing.

Armington Laser Pistol: treat it as a Laser Carbine but -1 at Medium range and -2 at Long range. It has a belt pack good for 18 shots and can be modified to a UV version.

XM26 APW The XM26 Advanced Personal Weapon its an automatic pistol but with a 20 round magazine.

AKR: use my home-brewed heavy submachine gun stats. You might like the smaller more concealable weapons I posted with the heavy SMG.

Arlington Laser Carbine Model 2: the magazine holds 12 shots. It can fire every other round and does 10d damage. Use laser rifle stats otherwise.

XM22 AIW: the XM22 Advanced Infantry Weapon is a TL 8 rifle that holds 50 rounds of caseless ammunition. It does 4d damage.

XM7 Storm Gun: stats are equivalent to a Light Assault Gun but the careless ammunition allows 50 rounds to be held in a magazine.

Armalite AR-12 Stormcloud: a combat shotgun (missing from Mercenary and CT). The Armalite magazine holds 12 rounds and can fire a four or eight round burst. The Four round burst gives two chances to hit. The eight round burst gives three chances to hit.

Armalite Heavy Laser: Use the stats for the Laser rifle but the heavy laser gets two chances to hit and does 12d.

Most people will have access to flak jackets (Cloth +1).

Body armor (like the SWAT teams wear) is Cloth and not as common.

Mesh and Jack are available. Reflec is a dream for the future ditto for combat or battle dress.

Prototype Ablative is available for $3000.