Tuesday, May 24, 2016


<<Ba-dump-ah. Ba-dump-ah. Ba-dump-ah.>>

Commodore: Keeping busy?

Captain: Trying my dear.

Commodore: Well stop trying. Put down the ball.

<<Ba-dump-ah. Ba-dump-ah. Ba-dump-ah.>>

<<Ba-dump-ah! Ba-dump-ah! Ba-dump-ah!>>

Commodore: Dan! That's an order!

Captain: Big deal. What're you going to do ... arrest me? Oh wait!

<<Ba-dump!! Snatch!>>

Captain: Good hands on you Chloe.

Commodore: So you have said. We have a problem. Stop being a dick for a minute.

Captain: Sure. What have we got?

Commodore: Your people on the Tesla managed to corral one of the people on that abduction list. Your medical Officer examined him and has found an implanted explosive in him bobpy trapped to high heavens.

Captain: Way to go Doc ... wait ...

Commodore: He's still working on removal without blowing himself and the medical deck to the Streets of Glory. Meanwhile ... your beanpole and phrog have exposed Admiral Saltornus as a Videni spy.

Captain: I KNEW I didn't like him for a reason!

Commodore: You mean besides having you arrested?

Captain: ... yes. So what do we do now?

Commodore: Tesla tight beamed this info to me. We're not sure what Saltornus was doing at Starbase Liberty but he had ordered all the people on the abduction list to be brought there.

Captain: The list is a sham. It's an excuse to bring those people onboard. If they all have explosive devices ...

Commodore: The Videni already got to those people on the list and leaked it to us?

Captain: Right. So now what?

Commodore: We make all possible speed to Liberty and where the Tesla will join our constellation. I am going to take charge of the starbase and restore order. You will command the Concordance.

Captain: Right, Commodore.

Commodore: You may consider this a temporary reprieve. Fleet may still decide you acted against procedure regarding GAIA.

Captain: On the bright side I may not survive.