Monday, April 10, 2017

Aliens Capsules Book Two

And we're live ... sort of.

I just dropped the pdf of Aliens Capsules Book Two at OBS and even though it's my fourth product I'm still not vetted enough to be allowed to go on line immediately.

This sucks to put it mildly.

We live in an era of a massive amount of RPG products. A newbie like me is rapidly swamped by ten other people putting their products in the pipe. After ten people or so get put online your product is not longer one of the first things people see. That can lead to a rapid transit to oblivion.

When I started freelancing ten years ago it was a bit easier. The ratings system went according to the number of copies you sold twenty or more -IIRC- and you at least made Copper Pick which gave your product a bit more visibility. But now it's percentage based and much harder.

My strategy so far is to try to release my books on Monday morning. With the delays required for approval though they get released who knows when. Last time was Wednesday noon. Monday mornings 8 EST and people are coming into work, warming up the computer and messing around over coffee tile they have to work. Hump Day and they're thinking lunch, not buying RPGs. At least that is my understanding.

I'd like to know when I am vetted in RPGNow's eyes. I'd like to know if this delay is just because every other guy thinks Monday morning is a great time to release their stuff. In that case maybe they could use an appointment system and give everyone a chance.

Anyway, I've tried to give some aliens to use as possibly allies in this book. With a little work they could easily be used as variants on the two aliens classes of the core rules or even player characters. If there's some interest I could write up new classes for them as a new book.

I'm considering three themes for Book Three. Let me know which you prefer:

Patrol Posted: the evil, nefarious or godlike and uncaring entities the Patrol tries to defend against. This would be write ups on single individuals with their unique abilities a/o technologies to challenge your players.

To the Dust: write ups of several (supposedly) extinct species, their civilization and the bizarre artifacts they left behind.

Empires: A more in depth look at 2-3 alien species with stats for their ships, equipment, homeworlds and a class or two.

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